ROH Episode #416 Review: Champions vs. All Stars

ROH Episode #416 Review:  Champions vs. All Stars

ROH Episode #416 features the 4 Champions (Matt Taven, Shane Taylor, and The Briscoes) wrestling against a team of All-Stars (RUSH, Jeff Cobb, Jay Lethal, and Kenny King) in an elimination match.  We also get highlights of Joe Hendry’s confrontation with Dalton Castle.

Highlight Packages:

  • Saturday Night at Center Stage:  Joe Hendry interrupts Dalton Castle
  • Backstage Interview:  Matt Taven, Mark Briscoe, Jay Briscoe, and Shane Taylor
  • Kenny King coaches Coast 2 Coast
  • First Round Top Prospect Tournament Match Hightlights

ROH Champions vs. All Stars Elimination Match

We’ve got almost 35 minutes left of television time for this main event.  Before the match even starts, Kenny King and Jay Lethal start brawling.  Eventually, they calmed down and the match started.

Amy Rose was at ringside.  Jay Briscoe was distracted and threw water at her.  This allowed King to get to roll up Jay Briscoe for the 3-count.

Taylor jumps in and the former colleagues begin to fight.  Taylor hits the Greetings from 216 and Kenny King is out.

Lethal’s in and gets worked over.  However, he eventually gains back the momentum and eliminates Mark Briscoe with the Lethal Injection.  We’re left with Lethal, Cobb, and RUSH vs. Taven and Taylor.

The ref takes a bump.  This allows Taven to connect with a low blow on Jay Lethal.  Taven hits his running knee for a close call, but Cobb makes the save.  Lethal tries to hit the Lethal Injection on Shane Taylor, but Taylor catches him. He hits another Greetings from 216 to take out Lethal.

RUSH jumps in and gains the upper hand on Taylor. He sets him up for the Bull’s Horns, but Taven stops him with a chair shot.  Taven is eliminated by disqualification.  RUSH gets back to his feet and goes nose to nose with Taven.  Taven walks away.

RUSH ultimately hits the running dropkick in the corner on Shane Taylor for the All Stars win.  After the match, Cobb tried to congratulate his partner with a hand shake.  RUSH just kicked it away and exited the ring, after shoulder bumping Cobb.

Final Take:

ROH appears to being pushing RUSH to be the next champion.  He’s set to take on Taven at Death before Dishonor.  Taven is expected to re-sign with ROH, but he’s championship run has coincided with one of the rougher patches in ROH recent history.  RUSH seems like the kind of star who could create a spark as the main man.

ROH did a good job of setting up the feud between him and Taven, but also teasing a little beef with Jeff Cobb.  It would be really interesting to see ROH create their own version of Los Ingobernobles with RUSH as the leader.  RUSH is one of those guys who can truly be a tweener. The fans love him in spite of his attitude.

With the news of Impact trying to purchase ROH, it will be interesting to see where the companies head.  NJPW did not allow their contracted talent to compete on the Global Wars tour.  ROH and Impact have gotten the short end of the stick with the opening of AEW.

With NJPW wrestlers not wanting to appear on ROH, a merger with Impact could be good.  Neither company has a very deep roster of stars at the moment, but both have some real talent remaining.  The combination of rosters would really provide depth and some fresh matchups.

Next week we are getting Marty Scurll vs. Bandido.  Come back next week to see a recap and our opinion of the show.

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