ROH Episode #422 Recap

3 years ago by Nate

ROH Episode #422 Recap

On ROH Episode #422, Joe Hendry is in singles action.  Matt Taven addresses the fans.  Flip Gordon goes one on one with Tracy Williams in a no DQ match.

ROH Recap:

  • Video Package: How ROH World Television Champion Shane Taylor became a free agent
  • Dalton Castle in-ring interview
  • Joe Hendry defeats Dom Kubrick
  • Jenny Rose backstage interview
  • Highlights from Global Wars Espectacular: Rhett Titus vs. Mark Haskins
  • Kenny King and Rhett Titus exchange words backstage
  • Jeff Cobb says becoming ROH World Champion is his destiny
  • Matt Taven delivers heartfelt message to fans
  • The Allure backstage interview
  • Vincent and TK O’Ryan are attacked backstage
  • No-Disqualification Match: Tracy Williams defeats Flip Gordon


ROH Television shows are mostly recap packages at this point.  However, tonight Joe Hendry defeated Dom Kubrick in a singles match and Flip Gordon defeated Tracy Williams.

Joe Hendry is a very charismatic and talented wrestler, but he hasn’t hit his groove in ROH.  I’m not sure if he thought the fans would know about him more, but it seems the ROH crowd is unfamiliar with his gimmick.

He’s not getting over at all with the crowd. Having him wrestle an enhancement talent is smart to allow him to show off his moveset.  He may want to cut back on the over the top antics until he has a bit more familiarity with the fans.  He should be able to get a bit more over when they return to England this weekend.

Matt Taven confirmed he was sticking around in ROH.  Taven’s been the leader of the Kingdom for a while.  While he’s a true heel, he hasn’t been able to carry feuds that bring in fans.

His title run would have to be consider a bit of a let down.  Maybe tonight’s promo was a chance for him to turn face and see how he connects with the crowd.

The main event featured Flip Gordon vs. Tracy William.  These two men really put in a ton of effort to make this main event a special match.  I’m not sure it was the best no DQ match I’ve ever seen, but it was solid, nonetheless.

Flip is trying to settle into his mercenary gimmick.  He hasn’t quite gotten comfortable as a full blown heel.  The crowd hasn’t embraced him either.  Williams picked up the win with a avalanche piledriver through a table.

Of course, the fans were dead for this show, what fans were there.  ROH is having major trouble drawing. It’s a shame because ROH has some pretty talented wrestlers and the company needs to figure out how to get butts in the seats.

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