ROH Review: Episode #413

ROH Review: Episode #413

We’re back with another ROH Review.  This week, ROH Episode 413 features a Women of Honor Women’s Title Match and a 6-Man Tag Team Title match.  Kelly Klein faces off against Karissa Rivera.  Villain Enterprises defend the titles against Shinobi Shadow Squad.


ROH Highlights:

  • Kelly Klein backstage interview.  Klein puts over Rivera for her potential, but claims she not ready to be a champ.
  • Manhattan Mayhem highlights from Rush vs. TK O’Ryan
  • Top Prospect Tournament Bracket Revealed
    • Joe Keys vs. Dante Cabellero
    • Brian Johnson vs. Austin Gunn
    • Haitian Sensation vs. Ken Dixon
    • Makita vs. Dak Draper
  • Silas Young and Josh Woods Recap
  • Mass Hysteria highlights from PJ Black vs. Silas Young
  • Highlights from State of the Art’s Defy or Deny Elimination Match featuring Matt Taven, PCO, Flip Gordon, and Mark Haskins

Kelly Klein vs. Karissa Rivera

Kelly Klein dominated the majority of the match.  Rivera could just not get anything going.  The story was that while Rivera was a blue chip prospect, she wasn’t in Klein’s league.

Rivera finally got a bit of offense in and earned some respect.  However, Klein proved to just be too much for the young competitor.  After the match, former champion, Sumie Sukai came down and helped Rivera to her feet.  Klein cut a promo saying she wasn’t ready yet, but endorsed Rivera.  Klein told her when she had more seasoning she would give her another shot.

This brings out The Allure minus Mandy Leon.  Velvet Sky cut a pretty fair promo.  The basic premise was that Angelina Love deserved a title shot after she pinned Klein in the Women’s Tag Match at Best In The World.  They claimed there was a conspiracy agains them.  Klein retaliated with

“Women of Honor don’t want b*tches like you.”

The match left a lot to be desired. In a world where there are a ton of women tearing it up in the ring, ROH is falling behind.  Kelly Klein is fine.  She just doesn’t have any competition.  Angelina Love is probably the best option, but they’ve let what little heat The Allure had fade.  These two will probably face each other at some point in the future.  However, this division needs some depth and star power.


ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Title Match

Marty Scurll, PCO, and Brody King with Flip Gordon ringside faced off against the trio of Eli Isom, Cheeseburger, and Ryan Nova.  PCO dominated the majority of the match and was truly over with the fans.  This match didn’t go long, but PCO was in for at least half of it.

Eli Isom got in a little offense, but Brody King put a stop to all that.  Eli Isom looked solid at points, but even his offense was muted.  King unleashed some chops and a cannonball.  Ultimately, Scurll and King hit the Senton on Nova who was outstretched on Scurll’s knees.

The main take-away from this match is just how over PCO and Scurll are.  The crowd was hot for them to get in the ring and were very boisterous about them.  Scurll is so talented.  Due to the high probability of him leaving for AEW, it appears ROH is not going to push him to the top of the card.  It’s a shame because he could have potentially helped the company not lose as much popularity from losses of the rest of the Elite.  They could have always used him to put over the next guy on the way out.

Final Take

There’s not much to say about this week’s show.  Villain Enterprises is over with the ROH Crowd.  The Women of Honor division is pretty bland.  After two weeks of stellar main events, this week’s was a bit of a let down.  The main event was good.  Due to it being so one sided, it was the same caliber as the previous two main events.

ROH did announce its next Top Prospect tournament bracket.  My guess is Dak Draper wins the top prospect tournament over Austin Gunn in the finals.  Hopefully, ROH can find a star in this tournament.  They need to develop a new crop of talent to help provide depth on the card.

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