WWE Friday Night SmackDown – March 27, 2020 (Review)

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WWE Friday Night SmackDown – March 27, 2020 (Review)

SWAFT NATION! The world is just going absolutely to s-word.  Luckily wrestling is here to maintain what we can only view as normal.  Let’s see what we have in store tonight.

Asuka has been an absolutely bright beacon of the PC tapings, and let’s hope her match with Alexa Bliss continues the trend.  Looks like this should build to a Mania match, but we should know this week.

This match should be pretty awesome. Shinsuke vs Drew! One of the best to come out of Japan against the best pure grappler in WWE.  The stipulation gives Bryan a chance at Mania gold.

And finally, Firefly FunHouse returns, and I like it better when these are a surprise, but maybe we’ll get extra fun since this is all being pre-taped.

Let’s get on with the show.

The Best of SmackDown Live

Art vs Science

Shinsuke and Drew Gulak are up next and I find this quite exciting. I can’t think of a way this match can disappoint unless it somehow doesn’t happen.  It’s good to be reminded that Shinsuke has some solid grappling skill, and of course Gulak is unmatched on the roster.

Shenanigans ensue and Bryan pulls Gulak out of the way of a Kinshasa, allowing Gulak to get the roll-up win.  It’s a little strange that the babyface tag team technicians resorted to cheating to win, but we’ll see how this plays out with the Daniel Bryan IC opportunity.

Minstrel Murder

Elias is on the PC Balcony with a great vantage point as he has a song about his match with King Corbin.  This is a pretty amusing song, and is the closest WWE gets to referencing current events.

Unfortunately Corbin is not amused and attacks Elias, and I’m fairly certain straight-up gives him the Mufasa Treatment, knocking him a ridiculous distance onto the concrete.  Luckily, Local Medical Facilities are still able to ooperate at these times.

Cross Commentary

Alexa and Asuka are up now, and Nikki Cross is on commentary which is an absolute gem.  Again Nikki adds a welcome level of energy, and the two women in ring have a pretty good level of chemistry.

Alexa Bliss is able to get the win by DDT and seemingly sets up the right for Alexa and Nikki to challenge the Kabuki Warriors.

The Plot Thickens

Dolph is backstage on the phone with a mystery person (I’m 99% sure it’s Sonya) mocking Otis when we get that glitch again.  Heavy Machinery finds Dolph backstage and Dolph challenges Otis to a match at  WrestleMania where he claims Mandy will be in his corner.

Mandy, however, does talk to Dolph after he finishes suspiciously speaking to Sonya Deville, and say that she will support him, but refuses to be a prize in their fight.  Aain, the Sonya involvement is all but confirmed.

A Sight To Be Cena

It’s Firefly FunHouse Time!  Let’s see what Bray has for us.

This is a legitimately disturbing episode.  Between the puppets, the lamp speaking, and the grinding of Rambling Rabbit, I’m not sure this was exactly PG.  It gets announced that this will be a “Firefly FunHouse Match”, which I’m guessing means its like a House of Horrors.

The Mixed Bag of SmackDown Live

Ladies Fight Night

Sasha and Bailey start off the show cutting a promo about WrestleMania in the middle of the performance center ring.  As they talk about how Paige has turned their WrestleMania dream into a nightmare they are interrupted by Lacey Evans, Naomi, and Tamina.

I don’t think Tamina will win it, but it’s good to see them give Tamina offense against the babyfaces to prove that she is a threat.  Overall though, the segment was a weaker one, attacks don’t seem to have the impact without the crowd.

Main Event Ish

After dueling promos earlier in the night, it’s time for New Day vs Usos in a battle to face The Dirt Sheet at WrestleMania.

The Usos and New Day almost never fail to deliver on a match, with lots of action and an unmatched chemistry of probably any team in the roster.  Unfortunately Miz and Morrison don’t add to much to the match on commentary.

The match is good, gets intense, but unfortunately the match ends in a DQ when Miz and Morrison attack the teams from behind on the outside. Michael Cole stops to almost do the anonymous GM thing when he says that WWE officials are telling him that they have to face both teams in a triple threat ladder match at WrestleMania.

The Worst of SmackDown Live

Roman Replay

Today’s replay was Roman Reigns vs Triple H from Mania 32, and this match does set up a small video from The Game himself.

Overall Rating for the Show (From best to worst: SmackDamn, SmackTastic, Smack Bang in the Middle, SmackDowner and A Smack in the Face)

Smackdown again was a servicable show.  With one replay I thin the smaller amount of time allotted allows the show to flow a little better than its older brother Monday Night Raw.  The action in the matches was pretty good, not phenomenal, but good.  Was not a fan of the opening women’s segment, but loved the bit with Elias and King Corbin, and of course I love Nikki Cross on commentary.  However, nothing about this show outside of Firefly FunHouse was particularly exceptional on this episode.  And in kayfabeland, the only question I have is “Where was Dana Brooke?” they gave no on-screen reason for her to not be involved.

This week’s show was: Smack Bang in the Middle

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