WWE Raw – March 16, 2020 (Review)

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WWE Raw – March 16, 2020 (Review)

I have been off for a couple weeks out with surgery, and in that time the world has gone to hell!

In this time of great strain, we can all look to Vincent Kennedy McMahon to maniacally keep the show going.  Though most other wrestling has been cancelled, WWE maintains its run from its performance center in Orlando, FL.

At least we get Stone Cold! On with the show

The Best of Raw

An Unusual, Yet Emotional Open

Admittedly, this is going ot be incredibly strange to get used to.  We open up to the empty performance center.  Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Jerry “The King” Lawler are in the middle of the ring to introduce the show.

Not long after, Edge cuts off the trio and comes to the ring to talk about his past few weeks in the feud with Randy.  Edge cuts a very impassioned promo about their history and how hard it was for him to earn the superstardom.  This Promo is outstanding and absolutely worth a watch.  It’s a strong monologue performance as Edge challenges Orton to a Last Man Standing match.

Still a Wrestling Show

Finally we get a wrestling match.  Somehow, even in crisis we get a mixture of our Mexican Four-Way Feud, with this latest iteration being Rey vs Andrade.  I don’t know why, but Asuka is on the commentary crew as well, speaking Japanese.

Asuka adds an amazing energy to the commentary team, and makes the match that much more enjoyable.  Plus we know from several outings that Andrade and Rey can work very well together, and Rey wins the short match.

The Man Comes Around

Becky Lynch arrived in style, and afterward came to the ring and cut a great promo on Shayna.  WWE’s talkers are top-tier tonight, that cannot be denied.  It’s a short promo about how Shayna was dominant in NXT but bullied her way around, but it was well-delivered.  Shayna was watching backstage, but nothing comes of that.

KO Gets PC Ready

Kevin Owens is asked backstage about when he will face Seth Rollins, and again, an impassioned promo for tonight.  He declares that he will face Seth in the Performance Center, where he earned his right to be a WWE Superstar.

The Mixed Bag of Raw

A Bold Undertaking

The Undertaker’s entrance is a bit unusual, he came out looking like American Badass Undertaker while using the standard Undertaker theme.  He quickly comes down to the ring and immediately starts trashing the ring.

AJ and the club are backstage cutting a promo on the upcoming match.  He eventually does sign the contract and sends The OC out to give it to Undertaker, which ends predictably

Stone Cold Stand Up

Steve Austin is here to declare 3:16 a National Holiday. and does a bit with Byron Saxton, who rates every statement Austin makes about 3:16 Day.

Eventually, Byron Saxton is brought down to the ring and given a Stunner after drinking some Broken Skull Ipa.  Becky Lynch comes down to the ring to join Steve for some bevs, and the two enjoy 3:16 Beers while Byron is once again hit with a Stunner. Sadly Corey Graves was not in town to see it.


The Worst of Raw

It’s Filler Time

Not that I can necessarily fault WWE for this, but They had to kill time for the show by replaying the Royal Rumble match in its entirety.  Since it’s an hour long match that they add commercial breaks into, I guess it is the best possible way to fill time with a relevant match.

Overall Rating for the Show (From best to worst: RAWsome, Cor, AvRAWge, Poor and RAWful)

This is a difficult show to judge. Let’s be honest, Raw was playing with a pretty heavy handicap.  Using the Rumble Match was a brilliant move to kill time, but that can’t happen forever.  Outside of Austin, the promos tonight were passionate, intense and perfectly delivered.  Austin, while not the greatest promo in an empty ring, was still highly entertaining doing what the fans at home wanted to see from him.  The major knock besides the Rumble Match would be that we only had one wrestling match on the show.

With the circumstances as they were, I still give this Raw: High AvRAWge

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