Rey Mysterio SHOOTS on WWE Plans


Former WWE wrestler Oscar Gutierrez – better known as Rey Mysterio Jr. – spoke to the Miami Herald at Florida Supercon about the possibility of his returning to WWE action:

“It started with the Royal Rumble at the beginning of the year.

“We’ve been going back and forth in conversation trying to work out the right deal if I were to come back.”

As to whether his potential return would be as a full-time participant or in a limited role at high-profile events, Mysterio said:

“It’s still up in the air, nothing secure yet.”

Mysterio has stayed active since leaving WWE action. He wrestled recently with AAA and checked an item off his bucket list by wrestling in Japan with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Always a class act, Mysterio has nothing but good things to say about all the organizations he has worked with.

He even went on to hype the upcoming ALL IN event happening in Chicago on September 1, stating:

“I think that’s gonna be the one you wish you were there, if you don’t have your tickets. So make sure you stay tuned, because that’s gonna be top notch.”

When asked how he would feel if one of his kids wanted to enter the ring, Mysterio voiced his encouragement:

“I think it’s awesome. My kid is now training to become a wrestler. I just suggest … make sure you do go to a proper wrestling school; that they do teach you the right form of wrestling.”

Mysterio was initially trained by his uncle – known as Rey Mysterio Sr. – who gave his nephew the name Rey Mysterio Jr. “Rey Mysterio” is Spanish for “King of Mystery,” as both men wrestled in masks. Whether Mysterio Jr.’s son will wrestle as Rey Mysterio III is yet to be seen.


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