The Miz On His Awesomeness: “You’re Welcome, WWE”


The media blitz in preparation of Sunday’s Money In The Bank pay-per-view is in full swing, and it led WWE and SmackDown Live superstar The Miz to be a guest on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio. He talked about various topics including his road getting to where he is now, whether or not he’s a locker room leader, and his desire to be the face of SmackDown Live once it moves to FOX in 2019.

“I want to be in the middle of every poster,” he said. “I want to have merch that literally everybody wants to buy, that everybody wants to see. Sometimes I look at my merch, well I haven’t had merch in literally a year and when I get merch I’m literally looking at it going, ‘I wouldn’t wear this.’ So I want merch that people look at and go, ‘I want to buy that, I want to wear that. That is something that is amazing and incredible.’”

“I really am going to…dedicate myself to be the face of the franchise when the FOX merger happens. Because moving to FOX, a network show, this show will be bigger. It’ll no longer the “The B Show” like everyone always says it is. It will be “The A Show” and more people will watch it.”

When asked if he feels directly responsible for making the promotion more lucrative in the eyes of FOX executives who wanted to obtain the rights to air SmackDown Live, he simply answered, “You’re welcome, WWE.”

The Miz also spoke about his leadership role within the WWE locker room, one that is not similar to roles taken up by stars of the past.

“I don’t think I will ever be a locker room leader like The Undertaker or John Cena,” he said. “I am not someone that sits in the back watching the monitor and observing everyone.”

He also said his style of leadership centers around a more active, in-ring approach than others.

“I have to get in the ring to feel exactly how you are. That is how I teach. I teach by example, instead of saying to them what they did wrong. I need to get in the ring with them and be able to feel what the are doing, so that is how I am able to teach.”

You can check out the entire interview here, courtesy of Busted Open’s official YouTube page:

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