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TakeOver: Blackpool Results!

But we start with some really bloody good news. Because NXT UK absolutely smashed it out of the park with their debut pay-per-view Takeover: Blackpool.

It was everything you would expect from a regular NXT TakeOver, meaning back to back excellent matches.

To talk about this in more detail I am obviously going to have to spoil the pants off of this pants spoiling event, so if you don’t want to know skip ahead.

Gibson & Drake Def. Moustache Mountain

The show opened with Moustache Mountain versus the Grizzled Young Veterans for the newly minted NXT UK Tag Team Championships.

This was, as you would expect from a match involving Tyler Bate, Trent Seven, Zack Gibson and James Drake a beautiful marriage of technical wrestling and carnival sideshow, roll up roll up ladies and gents and see the amazing big strong boi spin not one but two full grown men, around and around they go where they will stop nobody knows.

Despite the motion sickness though it was the Grizzled Young Vets who came out on top and became the inaugural tag champs, which I promise you, they must be happy about. Gibson just hasn’t told his face yet. Resting scouse face.

Finn Balor Defeats His Clone

Next up Jordan Devlin was set to face Kiwi buzzsaw Travis Banks, but thought that it would be better to attack before the match, meaning that Travvy couldn’t compete. Luckily Johnny Saint and Sid Scala managed to find a replacement pretty sharpish: Finn Balor.

So it was Devlin vs Finn in a dopplebalor match to decide the real Finn Balor. Jordan managed to keep up with the first ever Universal Champion here and came out of this looking like an absolute star, but the winner of this Balor on a pole match, considering the push he’s been getting recently, was Finn. Finn with a win.

Dave Mastiff Def. Eddie Dennis

Next was Dave Mastiff vs Eddie Dennis in a No DQ match which was a brutal affair and included some feats of strength from Dennis. Tyler’s not the only big strong boi around here. 

Toni Storm Topples Rhea Ripley

After that Rhea Ripley had to defend her NXT UK Women’s Title against Toni Storm in a fantastic match that felt like we got to see a new aspect of Storm as the plucky underdog who defied the odds and pulled out a momentous win cementing herself as one of the women to watch in WWE and earning herself a Triple H pointing pic! The true prize here. Pete Dunne Retains Over Joe Coffey! WALTER Debuts!

Finally Pete Dunne successfully defended the United Kingdom Championship against Joe Coffey, who despite not seeming like a main event player going in, certainly feels like one afterwards, but Coffey is not the biggest threat to Dunne’s title reign, because Dunne, Dunne, Dunne, Dunne, Dunne, Dunne, Dunne, Dunne, Dunne, Dunne, Dunne came face to face with the Austrian Ringgeneral himself, the mighty, ALL CAPS, WALTER. That is one match that I can’t wait for, and that is giving Luke Owen heart palpitations as we speak.

Vince McMahon Was Watching NXT UK!

All in all, it was an excellent show and exactly the sort of attention grabbing event NXT UK needs.

Because not only did it gain some mainstream media coverage here in the UK, Good Morning Britain Strong Style, but it even caught the attention of head honcho, Vinny Mac. 

Who no doubt heard the crowd chanting ‘Is Vince Watching?’ replying on Twitter: Yes. I watched #NXTUKTAKEOVER. And yes, it was awesome.’ *sniff *sniff you smell that? Smells like, god’s honest truth.

Triple H On NXT UK Talent Moving To Main Roster

Sticking with NXT UK, because if Vince did watch the show, he’s no doubt sending out the talent catcher in his wagon to take the best ones to RAW.

Triple H has clearly been thinking about that too, as he revealed how he reckons stars might move around from NXT UK in an interview with Inside The Ropes.

“There are some talent here, that you might see come from the UK, that might move straight to RAW or SmackDown.

I think right now there’s sort of this perceived system of where it’s kinda – 1. RAW, 2. SmackDown, 3. NXT, 4. NXT UK.

I don’t believe that, I believe that talent are talent and I believe they will sit where they sit, and I believe you’ll see talent over the next few years start coming up to Raw and SmackDown.

And I think you’ll see them move back over in to NXT, or come back in to the NXT UK system. I think talent will begin to evolve and rotate through territories, so to speak.”

“I think there will be some talent that will be incredibly successful, will be global names, will be global, household names, that will probably never leave that NXT system because that’s their home base and that’s where they fit,

and they’ll have incredibly successful, meaningful careers. And probably over those careers they’ll gravitate through different locations within the globe,

maybe without never being on RAW or SmackDown, but that not being any lesser to their careers.” [038, 039, 040]

Triple H seems like he’s hoping that the global expansion of the NXT brand means that stars can stay within the WWE system forever, just moving around to a new brand when things start to get stale.

Chris Jericho On Signing With AEW!

And someone who did find WWE a little stale recently may well be Chris Jericho, who sat down with Chris Van Vliet to discuss his AEW contract and leaving WWE behind for now, even though he said he’s never work for another company in North America! The Liarheart.

Y2J said: ‘Life changed things, I never would have guessed this. Going from Japan to the cruise and seeing how life is on the other side I realized that you can make a good living outside of WWE.

When you get a billionaire involved suddenly I got the biggest offer of my career by far, I simply could not say no.

Maybe in 3 years I might go back to WWE but for the next 3 years its AEW and that is where I am signed.

I never expected my career to go this long and have suddenly made a difference to NJPW and now AEW. My time in the WWE is cemented and it does not matter much if I go back or not.’

Jericho AEW Contract Terms Revealed!

And according to stool pigeon Dave Meltzer Jericho has a pretty sweet deal with All Elite.

Meltz confirmed that Jericho’s AEW deal is worth more than he has ever earned in WWE and is a three-year exclusive, but with exceptions for NJPW who Jericho wants to work with and he’s allowed to continue with the Rock N Wrestling Rager At Sea. Which should be renamed Cruise Jericho for ease.

Meltzer also said that Joey Janela, Penelope Ford and MJF all signed non-exclusive deals, as there’s a variety being offered, three year deals, three month ones and single-dates.

Jericho Teases Three Major Networks Interested In AEW

There are other deals to be talked about too, TV ones!

Jericho was talking to Sirius XM’s Busted Open Radio about AEW and what is on the table when it comes to television shows.

“I wouldn’t have gone to All Elite if there wasn’t a strong TV deal on the table being worked on, and there’s a couple that I know of that are on the table and both of them are like wow.

When it’s announced, if it’s one of those two, you’ll be ‘welp that’s what they need’.”

“By me joining the company, I think fans and wrestlers most importantly go holy s*** this is the real deal. If Jericho went there, this is real.

Because a lot of people don’t know don’t know Kenny, or Cody, or the Bucks. We know them. But your average fan doesn’t.”

You’ve got to wonder what channels they could be, people have been flinging around TNT, especially after the Tuesday Night Dynamite copyright, but there’s also your ESPNs and other sport networks to consider.

CM Punk Wades Into All Elite Debate

Someone else considering AEW is CM Punk! Punk alert! Punk alert! Battle stations people, we have a punk alert.

Well ok, he’s not exactly considering AEW, but he has been making conversation about it.

Comedian Mike Lawrence tweeted his theory on AEW: “All Elite Wrestling reminds me of Image Comics. The established publishers were skeptical and within a few years they were copying everything and begging those free thinking creators to come back. This really is the best thing that could happen to wrestling.”

Which seems like a fair comparison to me, considering the deals WWE has reportedly been offering out.

But CM Punk, man who famously hates WWE, waded in with this hot take: “So everything is going to be late and most books won’t even come out?  Also nobody can draw feet?” Maybe that’s why the Bucks wear flares? No feet… 

Punk is quite famously a comic book nerd and has written for Marvel, most notably a series about Drax the Destroyer, who was played by Dave Batista in the Guardians of the Galaxy film, who has returned to WWE and expected to compete at WrestleMania, so CM Punk WWE return confirmed.

Kenny Omega To AEW?!

While CM Punk is one name people are speculating over for AEW, the other big one is Kenny Omega, who people just want to confirm is going to the promotion.

Thankfully Dave Meltzer has paid off the right people and got the inside scoop, as in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter it states that Omega turned down the offer WWE made him and will be signing with AEW as soon as he is able to on February 1st.

WWE Young Bucks Offer Revealed!

Which, if true, is a massive deal, because the WWE offers for the Elite have reportedly been very good indeed.

Wrestling Observer Online is reporting that Triple H spent over 12 hours in negotiating trying to tempt the crew to the dark side and Adam Page was offered main roster money to go to NXT and become one of the top guys on the brand. 

Meanwhile the Bucks were being offered AJ Styles money with a debut at the Royal Rumble and a significant story in the run up to WrestleMania 35. 

They were also pitched a weekly WWE Network version of Being The Elite and given a six month opt out clause in the contract for if the Bucks are unhappy with the direction they were taking. Which is something Meltzer says he has never heard of WWE conceding to before. 

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