CM PUNK REVEALS WRESTLING FUTURE! Roman Reigns WWE DOUBTS?! WrestleTalk News with Oli Davis

CM PUNK REVEALS WRESTLING FUTURE! Roman Reigns WWE DOUBTS?! WrestleTalk News with Oli Davis

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Breakfast Of CHAMPIONS

Now we have El Fakidor here on the WrestleTalk team, we’re not just being protected against getting infiltrated by Fake Luke Owen again, he’s also really taking care of the team’s nutrition. So for breakfast every morning, El Fakidor brings us the delicious, immune boosting Japanese dish of Fugu – immune boosting, El Fakidor tells me, because of the naturally occurring poison Tetrodotoxin in some of its organs. Thankfully, El Fakidor removes those. He’s so trustworthy.

But enough about our morning chow-downs – what about the Eater of Restaurants Braun Strowman’s breakfast?

Braun: It just depends a lot of the times on where I’m at and what’s going on, but I’m a big eater. My usual—let’s say I go Waffle House—I’d order ten eggs, but only four yolks, two grilled chicken breasts, a double order of hash browns—smothered, covered and chunked—and an orange juice and a coffee. That’ll get me started.

Triple H: I’m not paying that catering bill!

Braun: It takes a lot to run a 6’8”, 385 pound frame, so yeah, I’m investing in myself.

Maybe try adding some super safe and nutritious Fugu to your diet, Braun, and you could take yourself to the next, Universal Championship winning level.

Roman Reigns SummerSlam Doubts?

It’s previously been reported that Brock Lesnar’s next Universal title defence will take place at SummerSlam – marking an impressive 133 days from his last WWE match. And thankfully, for the good of the Raw brand, Sports Illustrated claim he’s expected to drop his championship to then likely have one last run in the UFC.

The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter supports this, writing “the working idea [is] that Lesnar returns for SummerSlam and [Roman] Reigns as of right now is the opponent.”

Dave Meltzer cites that the commentary on this week’s Raw as pushing that “Reigns deserves a title shot because of what happened at the Greatest Royal Rumble”. Interestingly, however – unlike the Brock vs Roman WrestleMania 33 match that had been in place for over a year – their SummerSlam rematch is “not 100 percent confirmed.”

Meltzer goes onto say that Vince McMahon “can change his mind at any time and there’s a lot of ways this can go”  name dropping both Strowman and Seth Rollins as potential replacements for Roman in the SummerSlam match.

Someone it most certainly won’t be, however…

CM Punk Reveals Wrestling Future

…is CM Punk

Following his legal victory over WWE Dr Chris Amann earlier this week, Punk told WrestleZone that he wouldn’t be All In. CM Punk All In return confirmed!

So MMAFighting asked if anyone else has tried to get Punk to make a wrestling comeback:

“Nobody has ever asked me, like straight up asked me to come wrestle for them… nobody’s ever been like ‘Hey, here’s the deal. We’re having a show, we’re gonna pay you x amount, you’re working this guy – what do you say? Yes or no?’ Nobody’s ever done that. Everybody’s always been like, ‘Hey, you know, if you want to ever maybe do something’, and you know, to me that’s absolutely not an offer.”

But would Punk return to wrestling if someone actually did make him an offer?

“I don’t think so. But it’s a hard question to answer… I’m not gonna sit here and be like, ‘No, no’. You know, something might come up. Some fun might be had.”

CM Punk wrestling return confir-actually you might want to hold off on blowing that Punk load, because he’s now clarified those comments to Aaron Bronsteter:

Yesterday I said a bunch of stuff about wrestling, about how I’ve never gotten a true offer. This does not mean I want to wrestle. I’m done. I’m done. I’m done with professional wrestling… It doesn’t matter what I say. I’ve said ‘no, no, no, no’ so many times, that people just always kind of be like, ‘oh, so there’s a chance?’ …People always come and go, and they leave and they come back. This is where I live now. This is my headspace.”

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