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Undertaker Not In 2019 Hall Of Fame Class?!

And you may have spotted the rumours earlier this week that the Undertaker was being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year.

This all came about after some fake graphics circulated on Twitter and after the WWE Network itself used an advert for classic Superstars programming that said it would feature Hall of Famers Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and The Undertaker.

This was hastily corrected though and a new email was sent out calling Taker, HBK and the Nature Boy legends instead, as seen here in this tweet by Wrestling Inc.

So that rumour can now rest in peace. Though Taker apparently retired two years ago, so anything is possible.

Undertaker Meets Impact Stars!?

Like Undertaker casually showing up at firearms industry trade show Shot Show and bumping into Eli Drake and Taya Valkyrie from Impact.

Eli posted this on Twitter: “I casually mention @undertaker ‘s name and he appears out of nowhere not 10 seconds later. I feel like @wweURNiverse  had a hand in this #ShotShow2019”

Somewhere Vince McMahon is screaming.

Closer inspection of this photo reveals that Eli has perfected the Triple H patented bicep point, bringing his own guns to the gunshow, Taya Valkyrie has just finished an aerobics class in the 1980s and Taker… is Mark?

Though I feel like Eli should be the one labelled mark here. I’m just kidding, it’s nice to see Impact and WWE playing nice, especially when surrounded by deadly weapons.

Abyss and Sonjay Dutt Leave Impact For WWE?!

Speaking of WWE and Impact playing nice, things appear to be quite civil between the two companies currently, even though WWE has reportedly pilfered both Abyss and Sonjay Dutt, the tealeafs.

PWInsider confirmed news yesterday that Hall of Famer Abyss and Dutt had finished with Impact and multiple sources have suggested that both of them were headed for WWE.

When he wasn’t putting Eli Drake through tables, Abyss was usually working behind the scenes as a producer for the company. Dutt was also heavily involved in the creative side of Impact as both a writer and producer.

PWInsider confirmed that with Dutt departing, Impact had added Konnan and Tommy Dreamer to the creative team. Which is great, both guys are veterans and know their way around an awesome angle, plus Tommy Dreamer is a dab hand with a staple gun, so those scripts are going to be neater than ever.

In light of the news Wrestling Inc reached out to Impact President Ed Nordholm who gave this statement:

“We reached an amicable agreement with Sonjay and Abyss to allow them to pursue this opportunity. They have been tremendous contributors to IMPACT Wrestling and we wish them every success. We are thrilled that Konnan and Tommy Dreamer have agreed to bring their 50+ years of experience to our core creative team.”

While this has obviously gone down in a most civil manner, it doesn’t necessarily bode well for Impact, who many predicted would come out worst off as the great North American bidding war for in-ring and backstage talent between them, WWE, All Elite Wrestling and Ring of Honor rages on.

5 years ago by Andy Datson


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