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3 years ago by Andy Datson

There’s a security botch on Raw! 

The Big Show main events WWE in 2020! 

And there’s speculation Paige could be returning to the ring for the women’s Royal Rumble match! 


Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News, I’m Oli Davis. And to kick things off, here’s the 6th January, 2020 episode of WWE Raw… in about 5 minutes!

After opening with a recap of Lana and Bobby Lashley’s wedding from last week to remind you, yes, that actually did happen, we found out Brock Lesnar’s New Year’s resolution: actually show up for work.

Because for every three cucking storylines, Paul Heyman has some genuinely good s-word, as he opened the first Raw of the decade with a brilliant idea: Brock isn’t going to defend his WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble. Oh no. Instead, he’s going to compete in the Royal Rumble match itself, and enter at No. 1. A match which will likely make up most of his 2020 in-ring time.

It’s a stroke of genius from Heyman, setting up not just a very intriguing story for the Rumble match – with all the wrestlers that can interact with Brock – but also the potential for a huge angle pay off: with whoever eliminates him getting put over strong – come on Keith Le-oh dammit, it’s going to be Roman Reigns – or if he wins the entire thing, going up against The Fiend at WrestleMania. 

If going by past performance, it’ll be the latter, as Heyman said Lesnar winning the Rumble isn’t just a prediction, it’s a spoiler. And every time he’s used that line before, it’s come to pass.

We went from one fantastic segment to another, with Lesnar and Heyman hot tagging a United States Championship rematch between Rey Mysterio and Andrade.

The two had an excellent, pay-per-view calibre encounter, with several innovative spots, and a false finish of Zelina Vega putting Andrade’s foot on the ropes – making Rey look really strong, until he awkwardly lost in a somewhat mistimed finish, where Andrade pinned him off a Zelina Vega distraction. Andrade ripped of Rey’s mask afterwards, likely building to a hair/title vs mask stipulation later on.

We then got another really good title match, with The Viking DON’T MENTION THE WAR EXPERIENCE Raiders retaining against the Street Profits and O.C. 

The really good first hour couldn’t maintain itself through the whole show, though, and the episode started to level off into AvRAWge with Becky Lynch doubting her chances against Asuka, to then leave her laying in the ring with one punch.

Mojojo Rawley was allowed to look in Erick Rowan’s cage, where he screamed and ran off shouting what’s wrong with you. Rowan then squashed an enhancement talent, and forced him to look under the cloth too, where he emerged with a viscous red liquid all over his face …this is not going to have a satisfactory pay off. 

It’s time for our weekly Akira Tozawa to be really impressive, and then lose segment! Unfortunately, we didn’t even get that, as AJ Styles beat him quickly with an RKO to build his very good feud with Randy Orton.

Then came the standout moment from the show. 

As AJ was walking up the ramp, you could see a man in a suit speedily slide into the ring behind him. The camera then cut to the hard cam to show two security guards jump this dastardly invader, tackle him to the ground and drag him out the ring. Thing was, it was the wedding officiator actor just getting ready for the following Lana and Bobby Lashley segment. El Fakidor’s got more on this in a bit.

Not phased by being tackled to the ground for just doing his job, Wedding Official guy then officiated Lana and Bobby Lashley’s redo wedding to finally declare them husband and wife. 

But then Rusev appeared on the TitanTron from the Shining Stars’ Puerto Rico beach, and played an unfunny photo montage of the worst moments from last week’s wedding. This all fell flat, but then Rusev fired up declaring the return of the Bulgarian Brute for a match against Lashley next week, which Liv Morgan later said she’d be in Rusev’s corner for.


Sarah Logan made a rather unceremonious return getting a jobber entrance to get beaten up by Charlotte, because Logan stomped on her robe. Charlotte, that’s a tribute, what’s more Flair than beating up an item of clothing?!

If Drew McIntyre beating up members of No Way Jose’s sex party conga line wasn’t a babyface move enough already, he then confirmed the turn with a total post-match babyface promo. Drew was endearingly natural on the mic, joking about never liking conga lines, and entering himself in the Royal Rumble match. He’s also getting a 3, 2, 1 countdown chant over to set up his Claymore finisher, which is very gimmicky, but it’s the sort of thing that could actually be a very effective part of his act.

Aleister Black beat Shelton Benjamin, for Buddy Murphy to jump him afterwards in one of my favourite feuds in all of WWE. It’s just a shame the crowd still don’t seem to care.

And the main event saw Seth Rollins and AOP go up against Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens and a mystery BIG third man – have a big one for me – which was teased really well throughout the show, and then revealed to be ‘weeeeeeeell, it’s the Big Show’ as a… babyface. He’s a babyface this time.

I actually loved this. Big Show looked awesome. I think he’s taller. And the nostalgia pops worked perfectly. The match was secondary as Rollins hit Show with a chair for the DQ – riffing off their history together in Seth’s last heel run – but the babyfaces got to stand tall in the end


That was this week’s Raw in about 5 minutes. What do you think about Brock Lesnar entering the Royal Rumble at No. 1? Let me know in the comments because I’ll be replying FROM OUTTA NOWHERE! And click the i above my head to let me know what you thought of the show, where you can choose from Rawsome, Cor, AvRAWge, Poor, and Rawful. 


It was the best Raw of the year. It was the worst Raw of the year. It’s the only Raw of the year so far, folks. But I enjoyed the heckins out of it, with Big Show’s return, Lesnar in the Rumble, that great Mysterio vs Andrade match and, most importantly, the wedding official guy getting tackled by security. This week’s Raw is a high Cor.


But Lesnar and Big Show aren’t the only big names potentially returning for the Rumble match. Hot tag to Laurie with the news!



Right folks, so Oli mentioned it briefly but there was a bit of a balls up heading into the Bobby Lashley and Lana story on last night’s Raw.


And no, it’s not the entire story leading up to the moment as you might think.


As AJ Styles was leaving the ring following his clash with Akira Tozawa the camera cut to WWE officials and ringside security tackling a supposed invader.


Only the briefest glimpse was caught on camera but fans in the crowd posted pics showing a bit more detail of the incident and oop, who is that man?, that’s the officiant from Lana and Lashley’s failed wedding.


The pastor was played by actor Rick Malone last week and had trouble getting through his duties without being interrupted by lesbian revelations, face caking and surprise Bulgarian men – which coincidentally are Oli Davis’ top three Pornhub searches of 2019.


This week Malone struggled even more, getting tackled before he even made it to the ring.


According to WrestlingInc correspondents in the arena, Malone was early entering the ring and security didn’t realise what was happening so they tackled him.


According to Twitter user Dr. Sean Thurmond who was at the arena “it took a lady running in to hand him his Bible before security realized he was part of the show”.


How could they not realise what was happening? 


Or they knew exactly what was happening and were trying to save us all from going through it again.


From one person fighting their way to the ring to someone else who may be fighting to make an in-ring return.


Because people are speculating that Paige might be tired of being Backstage and want to return to action.


WWE’s resident home-owner, because this is my house, Roman shares the yard, is set to return to WWE Backstage this week but tweeted something many are speculating could mean more involvement in WWE programming. She has after all just signed a five year deal.


She said: “I get told that my glory days are over w/ my career & that I’m a “slut” coz of the crap that got released about me. Just know again. Ppl make mistakes when they’re young. I’m not that person. Also my glory days are far from over.”


Followed up with: “I have a whole a lot of career left in me. 2020 will be a good year for me.”


This has led many, including PWInsider, to speculate that she may be returning to the ring as part of the Women’s Royal Rumble.


Obviously this is all tempered by her history of neck injury and issues, but a Rumble spot would be a good way to have a big career moment but also avoid taking too many big bumps. 


Also, neck injury has not been quite the career killer it once was as we’ve seen Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle all return to action and there are all those rumours of Edge returning too. So it’s not out of the realms of possibility.


Less speculation and more confirmed are a bunch of people for the Royal Rumble.


As WWE announced even more names for the men’s match at the end of January: Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre, Erick Rowan, Ricochet, Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles have all got their spots booked to one of WWE’s most fun matches of the year.


This means they join Roman Reigns and WWE Champion Brock Lesnar in the match with 22 spots still up for grabs. 


And if Smackdown and NXT are involved and expected to get equal billing that means there should be very few picks left for RAW.


Over on the women’s side of thing still just the one name has been announced – Charlotte Flair vs 29 other women, or 28 and maybe Paige.




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