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5 years ago by Oli Davis

Real Reason Jonathan Coachman Being Replaced

The night after this year’s Royal Rumble, Jonathan Coachman returned to WWE to replace Raw commentator Booker T. GREAT RETURN COACHMAN!

But his last three months have seen him struggle to reacclimatise to WWE commentary, with Michael Cole and Corey Graves constantly poking fun at his mistakes. WWE’s solution? Replace the replacement with the guy the replacement replaced – as Booker T revealed in an interview late last week.

Will I be doing WWE commentary again? Look for me this Monday night, man. SHUCKYDUCKYQUACKQUACK!

Shuckyduckyquackquack. Shuckyduckyquackquack, indeed.

Coachman was caught unaware by Booker T’s news, responding to a tweet about him leaving Raw:

Panic presumably over, Coachman then figured out what was going on.

It turns out Coachman is off WWE this week so he can cover the World Long Drive event for the Golf Channel, an absence which was “planned from the start in January”, meaning he’ll miss both tonight’s episode of Raw and Friday’s Greatest Royal Rumble event.

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