RUSEV FINALLY GETS A BIG PUSH! WWE Smackdown Live Jun 19 2018 Video Review

5 years ago by Wrestle Talk

We’ve got a new number one contender to AJ Styles! SAnitY debut! And it’s the first Smackdown in the post-Big Cass era. LEAVE THE MEMORIES ALONE!

Mella Is Still Money

After Paige cut an awkwardly scripted recap of Money in the Bank, Carmella opened the show to cut a babyface promo about believing in your dreams – but then heeled it up and told the crowd they’re all idiots.

This was totally different from Alexa Bliss’ doing the exact same thing on Raw, or when Carmella did the same thing after she won the title, or when Alexa Bliss did the same thing after Elimination Chamber.

Totally different.

Asuka’s music hit, but somebody clearly not Asuka came down to the ring. It was of course the returning James Ellsworth who listed all the women Mella is better than – including Mother Teresa and Beyonce. Man it’s good to have Ellsworth back. Asuka herself stormed down to the ring to take out Ol’ Chinless, but Mella laid her out with a superkick to ensure this feud continues.

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