Which WWE Star Is Ready To Return?


Strap yourselves in, because according to her Instagram, Maria Kanellis is on her way back to WWE for the first time since giving birth to her daughter and she has a brand new gimmick in mind.

Hmmmm… mommy is ready to get back to work. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages come see the most talked about couple in wrestling prior to joining the greatest show on earth, WWE. Imagine what could happen if self made talent could meet the biggest marketing machine of them all? An over night success is when experience meets opportunity. A Superstar is when a talent meets WWE TV time. I’ll be down in Florida at the beginning of August fighting for that time. Even if I’m doing it with stretched out mommy belly skin and a baby on my hip. I don’t have a college education saved in the bank for my baby girl so momma has to go back to work. #unscriptedreality #themoon #backtowork #firstlady #milkmoney Just call me mommy the money maker!!

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Seemingly ready to scrap the saccharine romantic role she portrayed previously, the ‘Mommy Money Maker’ could quite possibly be one of the worst ideas in professional wrestling. Well, apart from Dok Hendrix. Michael Hayes we salute your sacrifice. One hopes the company doesn’t run with this. It’s already doomed to fail and it’s only in her head.

What is interesting about Maria’s post is that it doesn’t mention her spouse, Mike. The male Kanellis is the Loch Ness Monster of WWE. Heard about but never seen. He has appeared sporadically on live events since his wife disappeared from television but no one knows quite where he is. Whether he’ll return alongside his partner is yet to be seen.

They say that the power of love can conquer and overcome all, yet it couldn’t help the pair find a regular and stable role on WWE’s main roster when the pair made the jump from ROH in 2017. This time around, they’re looking to rectify that error.


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