WrestleTalk YouTube Comments Of The Week – Nia Wants Oli’s Jacket


It’s the fourth edition of WrestleTalk’s Youtube comments of the week, and boy do we have a lot of comments in store. 10 in fact.

Some will make you cry, some will make you laugh, others will give you that horrible jolting sensation you sometimes get when you miss a step walking downstairs.

What’s important to remember is that everyone’s a winner, apart from everyone who didn’t come first, you’re all tremendous losers.

With that being said, let’s have a look at our nine total losers and our one special winner.


I wonder which member of the WrestleTalk YouTube team liked this comment.

How did you guess the name of WrestleTalk’s first 10,000-seater wrestling show? Dave Meltzer reckons we’ve got no chance, but he doesn’t know the sort of audiences a star like The Fishmonger (see crap gimmicks) can draw.

This comment only just made the top 10 by the way, Mr. Wojtecki. You’re lucky it was relatively obvious what pun you were making given the video’s focus, but quite frankly, it’s a disappointing attempt.


No doubt.

Luther Reigns has never lost to Brock Lesnar and is unbeaten in the WWE for several years, therefore making him a far better wrestler than his brother Roman.


Poor Daniel Bryan, he thought he had the record for staying in the rumble the longest at one hour and 16 minutes, but actually, Hornswoggle was never eliminated.

His record currently stands at 88,128 hours, give or take a few seconds, making him arguably the greatest competitor the WWE has ever seen.

Haters will argue the record isn’t valid, but as the world’s leading authority on stupid records, I can assure you it is.


You heard it here first folks, and I can’t believe no one else predicted the most obvious outcome of the Roman vs. Jinder Feud.

If this feud wasn’t mouth-watering enough, with Jinder’s three moves and Roman’s huge babyface crowd reactions, this is set to be the feud of the century.

Move over Okada vs. Omega IV, there’s a new feud in town.

But what kind of match will the 10-star fight be? I’m hoping for something like the third match on Raw, you know, a spot with real prestige.

Oh, who am I kidding? It’s going to be terrible.


Wait, what?

Baron Corbin and Byron Saxton are one person? This news has rocked me, I think I need to make like Erik and monger some chills.

Luckily, I did a Ph.D. on why Baron is Saxton, so I am able to answer this one pretty easily. (I know it says “Barron”)

He is Saxton because Baron is a form of nobility, and therefore in the same order as the Queen, and Queen was a rock band, and a rock band plays music, and jazz is a kind of music where they play a ton of sax, making it a Saxton.

Honestly, I can’t believe no-one else had figured that out.


The moment it parted company from his cranium really was a hatastrophe.

Ask yourself this, Mischa521, wouldn’t you be pessimistic if you stopped wearing Luke’s hat?

I’ll let you into a secret. You know the hat from the Pixar film Ratatouille which has a rat underneath it? It was based on Luke’s hat.

Luke is still recovering from the loss of his rodent friend, but it’s only a matter of time before he finds something else which will encourage positivity and love.


Is this the new thing? First Netflix and chill and now crackers and bed? If so, count me in.

I have to say I’m not sure she would be too keen though, Mr. Beaux, if that is your real name. Firstly, the fact that you’re stashing crackers in your bed suggests poor hygiene to say the least, and secondly, there is no mention of any kind of cracker accouterments.

I’m not actually sure you’ve thought this through at all. Poor effort all around.



I thought I was the only one who knew about Luke’s night-time odors.

For anyone wondering, when awake, Luke smells of joy and cinnamon, and when asleep, he smells of happiness and freshly cut grass.

The above has nothing to do with his tendency to cover himself in cinnamon in the mornings, or his love of sleeping in fields of wheat.


Could this be the first stable signed onto the crap gimmick roster? I think it has a good chance.

The Lashley sisters, each armed with a weapon. Sister one with her broom, sister two with a dirty towel, and sister three with her lovely helmet.

Coincidentally, Bobby Lashley himself also has a lovely helmet.

They could completely run riot through the roster, which is why I’m suggesting the stable name of ‘The Riot Squad’. Man, I’m clever.


“Jackets before women” – Oli Davis, 2018.

He was never going to answer anything different. That jacket has never flirted with Enzo Amore, that jacket makes Oli irresistible to women, whereas Nia would put people off.

Nia doesn’t keep Oli warm, the jacket does, Nia isn’t leopard print, the jacket is.

I hope you see the foolishness of your question now, and that in future you will compare clothing to humans before asking anything else.


Congratulations direwolf 87, you win the same prize as all our other winners.