WWE Legend Undergoes Double Knee Surgery


First he became honorary deputy for The Sheriff’s Department of Williamson County, Texas. Then he got into a Twitter war with Tye Dillinger. Now, Goldust has undergone a double surgery on his knees. It’s been quite a week for the man born Dustin Runnels.

Revealing via social media that his pins needed the procedure and the operation took place in Birmingham, Alabama, Runnels gave no time frame on how long he would be out of action.

A former WWF Intercontinental Champion, the man in question has divided the wrestling world in recent years with supporters and detractors coming out in equal measure to have their say on his future in the industry. Some say his time over. Others opine that a heel turn akin to his 1996 character would make him a valued member of the main roster, allowing Runnels to put over new talent on their way to the top.

WrestleTalk wish Goldust all the very best in his recovery.

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