Former WWE Champions Backstage at SmackDown Live!


Despite the controversy surrounding his return, Hulk Hogan was backstage at this week’s taping of SmackDown Live. He wasn’t alone either, as former WWE Divas champion and 2018 Mae Young Classic competitor Kaitlyn was also at the event.


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Some things never change. SEND HELP. #wwe #halp #coupleofcreeps

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Nasser Alruwayeh, far left on the picture with Hogan, is currently training at the WWE Performance Center, along with Shadia Bsesiso, and I think you all know who Big E is, pictured with Kaitlyn in the second image.

Kaitlyn is currently wrestling in the Mae Young Classic tournament, while Hogan’s future plans are unspecified. This picture could mean that either of the stars could be involved in a backstage role on SmackDown. However, they both live near the site of the taping (Orlando, Florida) and could just be visiting.


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