WWE Tweets of the Week #6


In the sixth edition of this series, WrestleTalk writer Kevin Cavanagh searches Twitter for the best Tweets from WWE superstars and fans over the past week. If you think you have what it takes to make it onto the list, be sure to follow Kevin on Twitter (@WrestleTalk_KFC) to submit your comments and dankest memes!

Kevin was on vacation in Disneyland last week so in this edition, he covers the best Tweets over the last 2 weeks, from May 28th – June 11th.

(10) Tye Dillinger’s New Role

Now that Tye has moved on from always having to come out 10th in the Royal Rumble, it might be replaced with him losing some last man standing matches. Shinsuke Nakamura took it to him on the May 29th edition of SmackDown Live.

(9) Ranallo Speaks Out

Ranallo has been an inspiration speaking out about living with bipolar disorder. He took to Twitter Saturday night to support the cannabis cause!

(8) Heel Asuka?

Not bad concept art from @Artsuka1 here. Would you be ready for heel Asuka? Asuka did RT this, maybe she’s ready!

(7) New Champ, Mannnnn

Y2J may not be in the WWE at the moment, but he keeps making history wherever he goes!

(6) Graves Buries Punk

Corey Graves posted this tweet (seemingly to CM Punk) only 18 minutes after CM Punk was handed his loss at UFC 225. Let the man get his facial CT scan first, Corey!