Top AEW Star Considered Giving Up Wrestling After WWE Developmental Experience

Top AEW Star Considered Giving Up Wrestling After WWE Developmental Experience WWE/AEW

Find out which top AEW Champion has recently revealed that their brush with WWE made him rethink his entire professional wrestling future.

In a new interview with Monthly Puroresu, Kenny Omega opened up about how his brief experience with WWE’s developmental system made him second guess the sport entirely.

Omega said:

“I did go into the WWE developmental system, Deep South Wrestling at the time, and it wasn’t for me. At that point I had thought maybe wrestling isn’t for me because I was thinking at the highest level, when it becomes more of a business rather than a passion. Maybe I’m not the businessman that I thought that I was, maybe I was never meant to be at the highest level. Things are meant to be micromanaged. Maybe it isn’t what made me fall in love with wrestling to begin with.”

With Omega noting that the experience made him question the industry as a whole and whether or not his childhood dream really was actually possible.

Kenny Omega said:

“I felt unsure of my understanding of the professional wrestling business. I had thought some of the greatest talents, what made them successful was because they were so unique and special athletes in their own way and were in charge of their own character. And all of their wonderful ideas and all of these iconic moments in professional wrestling – you think that they came up with them all. And I think now looking back, I’m sure they did.

“But when you go into the developmental system, at least it’s sort of drilled into you, ‘No, you’re not your own person. You’re our person! And we own you! And you do what we tell you to do! You say what we want you to say. And If you think that you should say something else or do something else, guess what, you’re wrong!'”

“And my worry at that point was if this is what wrestling is, or if this is what it’s become, maybe this isn’t what I fell in love with. Maybe this isn’t my childhood dream anymore. Maybe I just need to consider doing something else. Or just give it up.”

Thankfully Omega however did not give up his professional wrestling dream of course, going on to be integral in the formation of All Elite Wrestling.

Kenny Omega is set to defend the AEW Trios Championships alongside the Young Bucks on this week’s Rampage as they take on Top Flight and A.R. Fox. Click here if you want spoilers about who comes out on top!

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