The WrestleTalk Website Team

Andy Datson photo

Andy Datson


Andy joined WrestleTalk in 2018 as an editor after two years writing for local newspapers. He was soon made Editor-in-Chief, and is arguably the most handsome man at WrestleTalk. You will have also seen him alongside Pete Quinnell on the SmackDown podcast, and as the world’s greatest singer on WrestleTalk’s YouTube.

Liam Winnard photo

Liam Winnard

Website Manager

Liam is the Website Manager at and has been on the website team since early 2018. He studied Sports Journalism at Liverpool John Moores University before deciding he wanted to write about wrestling for a living instead, so he’s clearly an amazing decision maker.
Louis Dangoor photo

Louis Dangoor

Head of News

Louis joined WrestleTalk in January 2019 while also at University, where he became one of the site’s content editors a few months later, now serving as the Head of News. You may have also seen him interviewing your favourite wrestlers, occasionally breaking his own wrestling news, or as one of the co-hosts of Wrestling Daily.

Tempest photo


Content Editor

Tempest is a Content Editor for and a presenter on YouTube. A part of WrestleTalk since 2018, Tempest currently reviews NXT and SmackDown each week alongside Pete Quinnell. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tempest was also training to become a pro wrestler. Outside of wrestling, Tempest is part of the inaugural class of Ryerson University’s RTA Sport Media program, having graduated in June 2018.

Sanchez Taylor photo

Sanchez Taylor

News Writer

Sanchez has been a news reporter at since December 2020. He was previously a feature writer before joining the news team. He has been a fan of wrestling for most of his life, and was a trainee at a wrestling school for a few years.

Connel Rumsey photo

Connel Rumsey

Head of Live Reports

Connel has been providing live coverage of Raw, SmackDown, Dynamite and pay-per-views for the site since April 2021, as well as the occasional news story. He has dedicated most of his life to watching wrestling, and decided that this would be a whole lot easier than getting a real job. Also a self-proclaimed comedian.
Sonal Lad photo

Sonal Lad

Feature Writer

Sonal joined WrestleTalk in 2020 after spending hours talking to absolutely nobody about her love for Japanese wrestling. From NJPW, DDT and Tokyo Joshi, her life is consumed with writing about her favourite wrestlers while trying not to show too much bias towards Jay White, TAICHI and Hiroshi Tanahashi.

Daniel Schachtmeier photo

Daniel Schachtmeier

Head of German Efficiency

His name is Daniel Schachtmeier, but you probably know him better as “Mayor of Painsville” DAN. When he’s not busy being his most efficient German self, he works on stats, results and posts the occasional feature on your favourite website.