Cody Rhodes Reveals His Reception From The WWE Locker Room

Cody Rhodes Reveals His Reception From The WWE Locker Room WWE

Cody Rhodes has now discussed his reception in the WWE locker room upon his return, including which WWE star he was most excited to meet.

The prodigal son of WWE has returned and is sharing his thoughts on his reception from his colleagues on a recent episode of Busted Open Radio.

Rhodes described getting a chance to mingle a bit with the current locker room, saying:

“I got the chance after the match – I did want to swing by male talent. I want in there and got to see Kofi and I got to see Woods and meet some new people. I never really got to talk with Corbin as often. We got to talk a little bit that evening. I was really, I don’t know if excited is the word, as much as I felt this was my responsibility.

“Now AEW a positive thing that exists in the industry, where now people are getting paid and there are options and stuff like that, but for some who have been a WWE ride or die, a ‘WWE Superstar’, there might be those who resent me to a degree over the trash that I spoke. I mean this is – I broke the throne, I poked fun at a lot of things, and that, I’m fully ready for there to be a bit of a cold layer of, maybe not resentment, maybe I won’t be the most popular guy. But that’s not the sense I got. ”

On who he was most excited to meet, he described the huge star power of Bianca Belair, saying:

“I tell you, the person I was most excited to meet was Bianca Belair. I was most excited to meet her, and I got to meet her when she had just come from tearing the joint down, and I was underneath the stage so I could hear it all. You’re always happy when you can hear a hot crowd and they had set up such a brilliant crowd and put us in a difficult position to follow.

“I thought she was just a total queen when I met her, and to be able to be one of the first people to say congratulations, even though I’m brand new on the team, that was very nice and I’m a big fan having watched her last year what she did with Sasha [Banks]. Big fan.”

Cody Rhodes makes his in-ring re-debut on Monday Night Raw after a six-year-long absence on tonight’s April 11 edition against The Miz.

Cody’s WWE record currently stands at 1-0. You can view the rest of the WWE male roster’s win/loss record by clicking here.

Transcription via Wrestling Inc. 

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