Latest On Vince McMahon’s WWE Status Ahead Of SmackDown

2 months ago by Liam Winnard

Latest On Vince McMahon’s WWE Status Ahead Of SmackDown CNBC

The latest update on the WWE status of Vince McMahon ahead of this Friday’s April 7 episode of SmackDown has been revealed.

As has been highly publicized by now, McMahon was backstage at Raw in LA this past Monday, and made many changes to creative plans right before – and even during – the show.

This caused a big hit to morale for talent, and now the question is whether it will become a consistent thing.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio today, Dave Meltzer provided the latest, saying:

“Everyone’s wondering what’s gonna happen Friday. Is Vince gonna tear up the show again? Is he gonna come? Was it only because he was in Los Angeles?

“Nobody knows the answer. Either he’s coming to Portland (for SmackDown) and tearing up the show, or he’s, at worst, maybe gonna stay in Connecticut and be in the production meeting remote. In which case he’ll probably have less tearing up of the show.

“But he’s there, and he’s the decision maker, and he’s number one. He’s number one, that’s it.

“Triple H has gone from being ‘the guy’ to being basically what Paul Heyman was and what Bruce Prichard was before. Where they’re ‘in charge’, but everything gets overruled.”

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Some WWE talents have reportedly threatened to request their releases from the company if McMahon really is back in charge of creative on a consistent basis.

McMahon said in the interview with CNBC on Monday announcing the sale to Endeavor and merger with the UFC that would be involved in the high end of creative, but not “in the weeds”.

However, Ari Emanuel, the CEO of Endeavor and the one person who will be above McMahon in the hierarchy of the new WWE/UFC merged company, said McMahon will have all the say when it comes to WWE creative, and he basically won’t stop McMahon from doing whatever he wants.

Late changes that were made to Monday’s Raw according to Fightful Select included Bayley not accompanying the rest of Damage CTRL to the ring for their tag match against Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez, and two women’s three-way matches being pulled from the show.

The Omos vs Elias match was also a late addition and there was said to be a scramble backstage to get Omos some ring gear because he wasn’t expecting to be wrestling.

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