Mickie James Says She Will Do Everything She Can To Be The Best Knockouts Champion

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Mickie James Says She Will Do Everything She Can To Be The Best Knockouts Champion WWE

Mickie James says she will do everything she can to be the best Knockouts Champion.

On January 13, IMPACT Wrestling will present their Hard To Kill pay-per-view from Atlanta, Georgia.

One of the high profile matches on the card will see Jordynne Grace defend the IMPACT Knockouts Championship against Mickie James with Mickie’s career also on the line.

This will be the culmination of Mickie James’ Last Rodeo where she has put her career on the line in every match leading to a shot at the Knockouts Championship since returning to IMPACT in September 2022.

Speaking on the Sports Guys Talk Wrestling podcast, James discussed what it will mean to her to capture the title for the fifth time. She said:

“I mean, it’s a matter of her strength, you know, she’s so much stronger than me. She’s younger than me, and she’s very determined.”

“She’s been the champion for a while now, and as the Knockouts Champion, you represent the Knockouts division, you represent the company, and she’s done a wonderful job.”

“I think it would mean a lot to her and her career if she was the one to end mine.”

Reflecting on what this encounter with Jordynne Grace means to her career and Grace’s, Mickie stated:

“Obviously, that would be a great notch to put on her resume, and it’s not out of disrespect because I do think that Jordynne respects me, for the most part; even if she thought I couldn’t beat Tasha, I’m okay with it and even if she stole the tag from me, it’s fine.”

“I’m willing to let it go. But going into this, you know, she’s, she’s fighting for a lot too because I mean, I’m sure in her mind, she’s fighting for her generation, you know, and it’s not even her generation versus my generation. But that’s kind of whether I still belong or not, or whatever.”

Explaining what she is really fighting on Friday, January 13, James said:

“I’m fighting for myself. I’m fighting for my career, I’m fighting for the championship, to be the champion one last time.”

“If I am the champion, I can guarantee you I’m going to do everything that I can to be the greatest Knockouts World Champion that’s ever been.”

“But I’m sure that she wants that same thing. So there’s — it’s equal because there’s a lot on the line.”

“It’s a lot on the line for me, and maybe my stakes are a little bit deeper, is because if I lose, then I can never put on a pair of wrestling boots again, which sucks because I have a lot of great wrestling boots. I got some really cool ones.”

Transcription via Fightful

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