MJF Returns To AEW Dynamite, Makes Several WWE References

MJF Returns To AEW Dynamite, Makes Several WWE References AEW

An uncharacteristic appearance from a jovial MJF kicked off AEW Dynamite as the first in-ring segment of the show.

After a massive announcement regarding the future of the AEW World Championship and AEW World Trios Championships, out came the recently returned MJF.

MJF said:

“Last time you guys saw me, I might have said some offensive stuff to be honest. But I think we can all agree (crowd chants, “You were right,”) I didn’t mean it, I was just kidding. I love AEW guys, I’ll never leave this place.”

And then he led the crowd in an AEW chant..?

Keeping up with the smiles and jokes throughout the promo, MJF was undoubtedly over with the crowd albeit seemingly a different demeanor entirely… however it quickly became clear what was happening.

After Jon Moxley came out, the good old MJF we all knew and despised reappeared and referred to the AEW World Championship as a bargaining chip for “the Bidding War of 2024,” adding:

“Maybe, just maybe I’ll get to work for a real boss, the only Khan worth a damn – jolly old St. Nick!”

He also made mentions of both Cody Rhodes and Triple H.

After Mox wanted to square up, MJF took his shirt off… but then backed down and left the ring to Jon Moxley who cut a passionate promo.

MJF really is back!

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2 years ago by Amanda Savage



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