Samoa Joe Returns From Injury

Samoa Joe Returns From Injury


The chants were loud in New Orleans for the returning Samoa Joe. Okay, they were loud for everyone, but still, the crowd was elated to see the Samoan powerhouse return. Roman was in the ring lamenting his loss, Lesnar’s absence, and the upcoming steel cage match he just learned about. However he didn’t come off as someone getting worked by the system and fighting back, he sounded whiney.

While Roman Reigns had his pity party in the ring, the discordant tones of Joe’s music hit and it was on. Samoa Joe marched to the stage and laid into Roman for failing to beat Brock Lesnar after running his mouth for so long. Joe told Roman that after the latter’s match at the Greatest Royal Rumble against Brock, he’d be waiting for him at Backlash. The promo was great and managed to build more anticipation for this fight in five minutes than the entirety of the Reigns/Lesnar feud.

While Lesnar has signed a new short-term deal, there’s been speculation that Vince is saving the title change for the Greatest Royal Rumble. If this is the case, that means Joe will be in the hunt for Roman’s new title.


6 years ago by Cody Brooks


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