Veteran WWE Name Reveals Major Angles He Thought Would Fail

3 months ago by Dave Adamson

Veteran WWE Name Reveals Major Angles He Thought Would Fail WWE

Even someone with decades of experience in the wrestling business can get things wrong, as a WWE executive recently revealed.

WWE Executive Director Bruce Prichard recently revealed some of the popular angles that he didn’t expect to be as well received as they were.

Speaking on the Something to Wrestle podcast, Prichard first discussed the Kane vs Undertaker rivalry, saying:

“Kane and Undertaker, yeah, that was [supposed to be] a one-off.

“‘Hey, we need a match.’ It became a career [for Kane].”

The current Mayor of Knox County joined WWE in 1995 but wouldn’t debut as Kane until 1997 where he would feud and team with Undertaker over the years.

Prichard would then go onto discuss the unexpected success of Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Mr McMahon, saying:

“I didn’t think that would take off the way that it did

“It wasn’t written that way originally, really, so those two really stick out in my head more than anything of, ‘Wow, didn’t see that coming.'”

The storyline played on the premise of the employee vs his boss and resonated with any wrestling fan who had ever wished they could show their boss what they really thought of them.

As would be said on commentary:

“How many do you get to see the employee of a Fortune 500 company rip the CEO apart?”

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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