Wrestle League – How to Play

The Homescreen

This is your Wrestle League dashboard where you can access every aspect of Wrestle League, including making predictions, checking your scores, and seeing how you did in past events.


The predictions form for a show will be posted on the dashboard in the week leading up to the event on the Current Round page. A notification will be sent out to users once the form is live.

To predict, simply click the “Enter Prediction” button below the image of the current PPV show(s). You will be taken to a page with all of the announced matches, and there you will be able to enter your predictions by clicking the name you believe is going to win the match.

Title matches are worth TWO points, and non-title matches are worth ONE point.

You must select one joker, as that prediction is worth DOUBLE points should you get it right. You can only select one match as your joker. If you use the joker on a non-title match, you will get TWO points if you get it right, but you will lose TWO points if you get it wrong.

If you use the joker on a title match, you will get FOUR points for a correct prediction, but you will lose FOUR points if you get it wrong.

Once you have selected your predictions, click submit. You can go back into your predictions at any time before the show starts and change your selections.

Predictions will close an hour before the start of the event.


On the top right of the dashboard, you will see your current position in the leaderboard. To access the full leaderboard, simply click the “Leaderboard” button on the top right of the dashboard, and you will be taken to the full leaderboard.

You will then be able to view everyone who has entered the season, and their standings. There is a search function, allowing you to check your and other players’ scores.

Leaderboards will be updated either the Monday following the PPV.

Previous Event Results

Below the options to predict and view the leaderboard, you will be able to see how you fared in the most recent set of predictions.

You will see how many points you got for each correct, and incorrect prediction. For a more detailed rundown of the results, click the “Results” button on the right of the screen.

Past Seasons

At the bottom of the dashboard, you can view the current leaderboard, and the leaderboard for all past seasons of Wrestle League.

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