Top 5 Wrestling Pet Posts Of The Week (July 26, 2020)

2 years ago by Jena Llewelyn

Top 5 Wrestling Pet Posts Of The Week (July 26, 2020)

It’s time for your weekly break from the dark and dreary to enjoy the cute and cuddly. We’ve scoured social media all week to bring you the best posts from wrestlers and their pets that will make you smile and forget your problems, at least for a few minutes.

5. No Beach Bod Here

Proving that summer isn’t all about the fitness and bikini bods, 2pawz, famed cat of WWE’s Natalya, lets her Instagram followers know that she is “staying thick for summer” (even though she ended up getting a haircut a few days later).

4. If It Fits, I Sits

AEW’s Women’s Champion Shida was trying to give her Instagram followers an update on how her cat was growing, but instead showed the age-old tale of how a cat will make itself comfortable just about anywhere.

3. She Knows

WWE’s Charly Caruso was a responsible pet owner and had her dog, Zorra, spayed this week. However, the look in little Zorra’s eyes is both adorable and heartbreaking at the same time. It’s almost as if she knows what is awaiting her.


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