The Truth About Ric Flair Scrapped Character Change Revealed

The Truth About Ric Flair Scrapped Character Change Revealed WWE

A Ric Flair story from his time in WCW has gone down in wrestling history and was recently confirmed to be true by another WWE Hall of Famer.

The legend, as told by Flair himself, is that the then-WCW Executive Vice President Jim Herd had, in 1991, wanted the Nature Boy to be a Roman gladiator.

Flair wouldn’t just be any Roman gladiator, however.

Despite being known as Ric Flair for almost two decades, Herd wanted to rename Flair as “Spartacus”.

Fellow Four Horseman, Arn Anderson, recently confirmed the authenticity of the story.

Speaking on his ARN podcast (subscription required), Anderson said:

“That brilliant haircut that Jim Herd thought Flair needed.

“That was Jim Herd — ‘I want to cut his hair, put an earring in and call him Spartacus.’

“Jesus Christ.”

Herd’s tenure with WCW started in 1998.

He would resign from WCW in January 1992.

Whilst we would never see Ric Flair as Spartacus, we did get to see Flair adopt a different identity in WCW.

He would be the final wrestler to perform as Black Scorpion, being unmasked at Starrcade in 1990.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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