Stokely Hathaway Sends Heated Response To Matt Hardy’s Betrayal Of The Firm

Stokely Hathaway Sends Heated Response To Matt Hardy’s Betrayal Of The Firm AEW

Stokely Hathaway has sent a heated response to Matt Hardy’s betrayal of The Firm.

Following his betrayal of The Firm, Matt Hardy revealed that he tricked Ethan Page into signing a contract to give him a match against Stokely Hathaway’s group with his and Isiah Kassidy’s contracts on the line.

After an attack by The Firm, Matt’s brother Jeff Hardy made his return to help make the save for Hardy, Kassidy and HOOK.

On the April 14 episode of AEW Rampage, Matt Hardy revealed that the match of his choosing will be an eight-man bout with The Hardys teaming with Isiah Kassidy and HOOK to face Ethan Page, Big Bill, Lee Moriarty and Stokely Hathaway at the Hardy Compound.

In response to the matchup, Hathaway took to Twitter to reply to the betrayal and reveal a backstage story when he realized that Matt couldn’t be trusted. He said:

“There’s a special place in hell for The Hardys. Here I am, just now leaving physical therapy, not even cleared yet, and supposedly, I’m in an eight-man tag at the Hardy Compound.”

“This entire time, I’ve told Ethan Page not to trust Matt Hardy. Perfect example, weeks ago there was one last Fanta left in catering, and everyone backstage knows how much I love orange soda.”

“But Ethan Page, because he’s such a nice guy, and he is, he truly is, he told me I should give it to Matt Hardy because Matt Hardy is a legend. As soon as Ethan Page turned his back, Matt Hardy looked at me and laughed.”

“So there I was, thirsty as fuck, all day, sweating like Mark Henry on the first day of June. So we The Firm, we vow to fight every single Hardy, except for Reby. I heard she got a gun license.”

“One last thing, Maxwell, I heard you been popping off at the mouth, talking cat shit. Fuck with me, I’ll call Direct TV and get the Disney Channel removed from your television, you little bastard.”

Matt’s son King Maxel took to Twitter on Tuesday to respond to Hathaway, saying:

“Stoke, you won’t be deleting my Disney Channel. The only thing being deleted is YOU!”

AEW hasn’t revealed the date for the upcoming match entitled “The Firm Deletion” as of yet.

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