Ultimate Deletion Filmed

Ultimate Deletion Filmed

According to PWInsider the ‘Ultimate Deletion’ match involving ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt has been filmed just this past Thursday at the Hardy compound in North Carolina.

This highly anticipated match comes after months of teasing that the full ‘Broken’ universe would be making its way to WWE TV, a staple of Matt Hardy’s last run in Impact in 2016 into 2017 in which he would film matches that were completely over-the-top in terms of actual wrestling (such as Matt Hardy catching a fireball in his mouth then spitting it back out) but in terms of entertainment they were pure gold.

This past Monday on Raw saw Matt Hardy interrupt Bray after his match with Rhyno to say that, “the great war is far from over” and “the Ultimate Deletion is coming” signalling that WWE would film a bout similar to the ‘Final Deletion’ match from TNA in 2016. Also on Raw in footage shot to hype up the match we saw the debut of Vanguard 1, Matt Hardy’s faithful sentient drone, and also the debut of the fan favorite Skarsgård, a dilapidated boat. Yes, a dilapidated boat is a fan favorite character…

Although no other superstars are expected to appear in the match, it should be noted that Jeff Hardy has been cleared to compete so potentially we could see the debut of his Brother Nero character in WWE. Alongside this – while there has been no confirmation – it is definitely possible that other members of House Hardy will appear during the match, such as King Maxel (Matt’s son), Reby Sky (Matt’s wife) and Senior Benjamin (Matt’s father-in-law). What we do know is that Jeremy Borash – an instrumental figure in the success of Broken Matt’s run in Impact – was on hand during the filming as a producer. Borash had recently signed with WWE to work with NXT in a producer role.

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