WWE Talents Claim Drew Gulak Purposely Targeted Real Injuries In Matches, Call Him A ‘Bully’

WWE Talents Claim Drew Gulak Purposely Targeted Real Injuries In Matches, Call Him A ‘Bully’ WWE

Some WWE NXT talents have called Drew Gulak a “bully” who would purposely target real injuries during their matches against him.

It was initially reported yesterday that Gulak was among several NXT talents released by WWE, but Paul Levesque (Triple H) has since clarified that it’s not a ‘release’ but Gulak’s contract is not being renewed, so either way, he’s leaving the company.

Gulak’s departure comes after accusations made against him by Ronda Rousey, and now others have commented on negative interactions with him.

In a new report from Fightful Select, it is stated that several talents in NXT told Fightful’s Corey Brennan that Gulak was a “bully” and during matches he specifically targeted their pre-existing injuries.

For transparency in this case, here is exactly what Fightful’s report stated regarding Gulak:

In asking around with talent in NXT, several talent made claims to Brennan that Gulak was a ‘bully’ who would often target injuries during matches with talent that were recovering from minor injuries at the time.

One talent claimed that during a match with Gulak, the former No Quarter Catch Crew member purposefully re-dislocated a previously dislocated finger, while another claimed that Gulak would intimidate talent into not reporting the incidents.

According to the report, there was a particular incident last year where Shawn Michaels, who runs NXT, and other coaches “verbally reprimanded” Gulak for “intentionally spiking an opponent during a match”.

One talent reportedly called Gulak “odd” and said that he would “test” talent to see if they’d “react to his bullying”.

The report notes that Gulak wished to remain with the company and it was WWE’s decision to not renew his contract, not his decision.

PWInsider reports the same, stating the departure is not at Gulak’s own behest.

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