WWE ‘Secret Rule’ Revealed, Bizarre Raw Match Finish Explained

11 months ago by Andy Datson

WWE ‘Secret Rule’ Revealed, Bizarre Raw Match Finish Explained WWE

During last night’s (July 11) episode of Raw, fans and viewers were left confused after a tag team match between AJ Styles & Ezekiel and The Miz & Ciampa ended in a DQ.

The match was ruled a DQ after Ciampa, who was not the legal man in the match, refused to stop attacked AJ Styles. The confusion comes from the fact that this happens all the time in WWE tag matches, so why was it an issue last night?

Well, it’s because WWE allegedly has a “secret rule” for tag matches, something Dave Meltzer explained on Wrestling Observer Radio.

He said:

“There’s a secret rule in WWE that in a tag match, you only get one save, and this was the second save. So therefore, it’s a DQ.” 

To translate, basically you can save your partner and attack someone, even if you’re not the legal man, but you can only do it once, or it’s ruled a DQ.

I also feel like I’ve seen matches where it happens more than once, but apparently that is the rule WWE has.

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