YouTuber Claims ‘WWE Sent Me A Signed Contract’ Before Calling Out Seth Rollins

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

YouTuber Claims ‘WWE Sent Me A Signed Contract’ Before Calling Out Seth Rollins WWE

Well that was an interesting turn of events! Find out which famous YouTuber has called out Seth Rollins in a rant, saying he is already well known by WWE.

Not only did he name drop Triple H, but Vince McMahon got thrown into the mix too.

After his match at Creator Clash 2 in Tampa, American actor and boxer ‘Dad’ Nathan Barnatt took to the mic to make a bold claim.

Barnatt said:

“I would like to call out the entire company of the WWE. If you know me and you’ve been watching me for 20 years on YouTube then you’ll know the WWE sent me a signed contract twice. I still have that contract signed. Triple H knows me. Vince McMahon knows me. Half the roster knows me. They’ve been dancing around me for 10 years and I’m not waiting any more.”

Going on, he called out Seth Rollins (and indirectly, Logan Paul) saying:

“So Seth Rollins, you want to go toe to toe with a phoney YouTuber, a con artist? How about you go toe to toe with a boxer, a YouTuber from the original days, who actually wins his fights? I’ll be waiting for you at the front doors of your training facility until you answer.”

We’ll have to stay tuned to find out what if anything comes from this challenge.

Elsewhere in Seth Rollins news, a former WWE name gave an intriguing account of having personally witnessed the recent strange segment, describing it as a ‘walkout’.

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Transcription via Sportskeeda

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