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3 years ago by Andy Datson

Coming up, Edge’s WWE return has been revealed! Is Rusev done with WWE? And all the news from Monday’s Raw.

Welcome to the WrestleTalk MECHA News and MECHA Review! I am Luke Owen. And to kick things off, let’s review the 24th of February 2020 edition of Monday Night Raw – or is that Monday Night Mar…io… that doesn’t work – in about 5 mins.

The show opened with Randy Orton with those voices in his head that counsel and understand, who said he was sorry for what he did, but we wouldn’t understand why he did what he did. While the crowd wanted Canadian hero Edge, they instead got other Canadian hero Kevin Owens, who cut a fantastic promo that felt like it came right from the heart. Along with these two promos here, and the Drew McIntyre and Asuka ones that came later in the show, that report that WWE was more forgiving of non-scripted promoson Raw feels like it could be on the money. A match was made later between the two, and this was very good.

Joke Stealing Alert. Charley Caruso had a brief interview with Zelina Vega and Angel Garza, before Garza took on his cousin Humberto Carrillo in a match full of lucha… things. Like roast beef and gravy, shepards pie and gravy, and chips and gravy, this was just meant to be and fit perfectly with each other. The two gravy bowls – sorry got distracted there – these two excellent wrestlers had an excellent wrestling match, with Garza picking up the win. He’ll team with the returning naughty boy Andrade next week to take on Carrillo and the also returning Rey Mysterio.

Ricochet beat Luke Gallows in a fun little match, and his WWE Championship match in a couple of days is so unimportant in the grand scheme of things, that Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar were in the very next segment and the two never interacted. Instead Paul Heyman made it very clear that it would be Brock vs. Drew at Maniaaaar. YOU ARE A PIRATE.

More shocking than Ricochet’s lack of WWE Championship credibility was The OC attacking Aleister Black backstage which… could be a proper storyline for Aleister Black?! It played into his match with Erick Rowan, where he sold the beatdown the entire time – before picking up the win after Rowan got distracted by his cage. I’m sure Rowan will do really well in the Super Mario Kart trophy match this Thursday. I thought Rusev was supposed to be in the match? I’d better stick around for Laurie’s news to learn more about that. Not Renee Young interviewd Black after the match, who challenged AJ Styles to a match next week.

WWE did a small video package for former WWE star Tyson Fury, who successfully did a boxing over the weekend. 

Then came what lowkey could be the best thing on Raw: a Drew McIntyre sitdown interview with Charley Caruso, where he talked about working his arse off to get to this point. He recapped his “chosen one” gimmick in 2009, and how failing led to him being part of 3MB and eventually fired from the company, before returning to NXT, winning the championship, debuting on the main roster, and eliminating Brock at the Rumble. This was heartfelt, genuine and totally brilliant. I love Drew McIntyre so much, and I really want to see him win at Mania. So this was a massive thumbs up segment in my eyes.

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R-Truth had a TruthTV segment with Bobby Lashley and Lana to thunderous chants of Rusev Day. Again, more on that in Laurie’s news. Lana didn’t want the interview, but Truth wanted to talk about Sonic The Hedgehog. Me too, Truth! I loved the bit with the turtle, and Jim Carrey was great I LOVE THE WAY YOU MAKE THEM and Sonic is the best, it’s the best movie all time all my life–Lashley then quickly beat Truth with the Spear.

After three separate recaps of Shayna Baszler attacking Becky Lynch, there was an Elimination Chamber contract signing where only Shayna was made to look like a star and she had a pull-apart brawl with Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. Gee, I wonder who is winning that Chamber match to go on to face Becky Lynch for the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania. They also set up the possibility of Asuka vs. Baszler down the line which was stopped by Natalya, and with Beth Phoenix returning next week to address the Edge situation, I wonder if we’ve found Kabuki Warrior’s next tag title challengers?

In the first of two advertised singles matches, Angelo Dawkins beat I’m Not Your Buddy Murphy Guy by DQ via Seth interference, and then looked surprised when Montez Ford challenged Rollins to a match – despite it being advertised at the start of this show. Even the commentators seemed surprised, even though they were the ones who told us it was happening.

Anyway, they had a great match which made Ford look like a total superstar. I’ve said this multiple times over the last few years on this channel, but Montez Ford is a future WWE Champion, and his never-ending levels of charimsa could make him the top guy in this whole company and industry. Rollins eeked out the win by hitting the Stomp off Ford missing a Frog Splash. This was awesome.

We didn’t get a women’s match on this show, so instead we got a promo for Rhea Ripley to hype her NXT Women’s Championship match against Charlotte Flair. They didn’t mention Flair was on NXT this week, though, which was weird.

And in the main event, Kevin Owens took on Randy Orton in a match that was overbooked to perfection. It started with Rollins and his group of dickheads coming down to the ring, who brawled with Viking Raiders and Street Profits, but Rollins remained at ringside to constantly interfere in the match – leading to Randy Orton getting the win. But in a twist no one saw coming, it was from a fast-count by the referee. WWE brilliantly played this up like it was a botch, and everyone sold it brilliantly. Owens eventually revealed that this ref was a Seth Rollins fan; hit him with the Stunner and put him through a table to close the show. This is a fascinating new wrinkle in the Monday Night Messiah storyline, where Seth’s influence is even turning refs into his own personal Nick Patricks. I loved this twist, and it shook up the six and eight man tag pattern that was on the verge of being repetitive.

So that was Raw in about 5 minutes, vote in the poll above my head to let me know what you thought of the show using these options on screen. This was a perfectly fine episode of Raw. Nothing really spectacular was on the show outside of Drew’s promo and the Carrillo/Garza match, but it got me so hyped for next week’s show and WrestleMania, so it was a total win. And the ref reveal at the end pushed it just over the edge for me, so this week’s Raw was a low Cor, or a high AvRAWge if that makes you feel better.

And now over to the news with Laurie, HOT TAG.

Thanks Luke.

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All very exciting. Not for Oli of course. Which is why he isn’t here.

Also not showing up to work at the moment is Edge.

Though he’s got a far better excuse than Oli at tbh, smashed up near-career ending neck injury sits better than the guy’s launched a new YouTube channel and the tea they brought me was too strong.

Edge has been off of WWE TV since Randy Orton played the spliced together version of Buckaroo and Whack-a-mole he calls the con-chair-to all over his brains.

But with WrestleMania looming it’s about time Edge returned to our screens and set-up that match properly.

Thankfully that date might be sooner than you think, as the Capital One Arena in Washington is advertising “Edge live to give medical update on his condition” for Raw on March 9th.

“Live to give medical update” not exactly the My Chemical Romance Reunion Tour of arena advertisements but you gotta work with what you got.

Speaking of Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge that could be what WWE are doing behind the scenes as they seemingly take it all out on Rusev amid contract disputes.

This comes as WWE have decided to pull the Bulgarian Brute from the Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet match at Super Showdown this Thursday – which to be honest is a blessing disguised as a curse. But does mean Rusev won’t be able to take home that beautiful cup to show his lovely wife… oh wait…

The weird thing about this change is that Rusev was just quietly dropped from the match when it was announced on Raw and replaced with Rey Mysterio, so this was either a very late change or WWE were falsely advertising him for the show before that.

And it’s stuff like this that just adds fuel to the fire that Rusev is soon to be leaving the company when his current contract expires.

The evidence is mounting up to be honest – he’s only be on TV once recently, last week when he took the pin in a tag match with Humberto Carillo against Angel Garza and Bobby Lashley.

His whole storyline with Lashley also seems to have been unceremoniously dropped, like the lesbian bit before it and the overall bar for taste in a storyline.

And starting this whole train of betrayal off, Rusev was reportedly pulled from the Royal Rumble, when these contract disputes started.

At the time the Wrestling Observer reported:

“Rusev has been off television due to a contract dispute…There should be a Rusev-Lashley blow-off after all that build, but Rusev has been taken off TV so it looks like he never gets his revenge at the end unless his contract situation works out.”

One month later, no revenge, no wife, no wins for ages.

Originally it was reported that this Lashley storyline was meant to have Rusev coming out looking really good, which I can’t exactly work out how it could? Like the air of affair is always going to hang over him, so he can’t get back with Lana on TV that’s a defeat of its own.

What did WWE have in mind? Him beating Lashley somehow causes the entire rest of the women’s roster to want to sleep with him, turning Liv Morgan straight in the process, he starts wearing a dressing gown and becomes the Bulgarian Playboy. Ru Hefner.

Now that’s some 90s booking for you. And it would still be shit. What a mess.

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