10 Best Cody Rhodes Moments in AEW

1 year ago by Connel Rumsey

10 Best Cody Rhodes Moments in AEW AEW

A peroxide blonde figure in wrestling changing companies and hoping that people like him as much as he thinks people do, although there’s a nagging thought in the back of his mind that people absolutely don’t. Pfff, that gimmick will never work.

Anyway, completely unrelated to that last statement, Cody Rhodes has left AEW, the company that he helped to create, the first viable competition to WWE in decades, and it’s all but certain that not only will he be returning to the heaven from which he fell, but he’s also be in a major programme at WrestleMania. Life is weird, eh?

Regardless of all the backstage rumours that are tying us all in knots, and whatever the Young Bucks put in their twitter bio, Cody has done some phenomenal work in AEW, haters be damned. As we embark onto the Rhodes to WrestleMania (Oli insists I credit him for that joke), let’s mark one chapter of the American Nightmare’s career closing but running down some of Cody’s greatest AEW memories because, shut up, you mean people, there are loads.

Cody loads.

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