10 Spookiest Wrestlers In WWE History

4 years ago by Cody Brooks

10 Spookiest Wrestlers In WWE History

I love October.

Maybe it’s because I like dressing up more than an 8-year-old girl at a slumber party, or maybe it’s all the scary movies that are a wonderful mix of exploitation and a bit of the ol’ ultraviolence. The real reason though is because some of us live by the sage words of Peter Steele and every day is Halloween. So, this is the one month out of the year we won’t get looked at sideways for our never-ending supply of Bela Lugosi t-shirts.

For those of us who grew up on a steady diet of the Misfits and Stephen King, we’re drawn to those wrestlers who were a bit dark, who walked in the shadows and made their sinister presence known in and out of the ring. Their supernatural elements rarely failed to excite viewers and break up the monotony of two large guys rolling around in their tights.

So, as Halloween approaches, we look back at the top 10 spooky, evil, horrific wrestlers to ever stalk the WWE. Grab your significant other, pray for daylight, and like Bender said, “hold on to your dookie, it’s about to get spooky!”

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