Bray Wyatt Referenced In Bo Dallas WWE Return Update

Bray Wyatt Referenced In Bo Dallas WWE Return Update WWE

Another QR code clue led fans to search for more about the impending WWE return of Bo Dallas as there was also a reference to Bray Wyatt.

The QR code flashed up on tonight’s April 22 episode of WWE Raw just before an Alpha Academy in-ring segment.

After you arrive at an interactive window that responds depending on what you type, you get a link to watch the video below.

The video features a graphic that notes “Coming Soon”.

With Blair Witch Project-style footage from the perspective of an unseen person, they toss a package onto a doorstep that says ‘Remember Who You Are’ on it before scurrying away.

Also, the crow logo that has been shown throughout the teases also appeared to close the video, presumably representing the new character and/or group.

Interestingly, if you type things like “Howdy” into the window instead of answering the prompt, it says back ‘Hello’.

Also, typing ‘Bray’ yields a response of ‘Remembered’ whilst typing ‘Wyatt’ gets the reply ‘Forever’.

Elsewhere in the segment in which the QR code appeared, Chad Gable would go on to justify his attack on Sami Zayn, call all three members of Alpha Academy idiots before demanding they pledge his loyalty to him.

Reluctantly, all three agreed to continue to follow the now dastardly Gable as he has clearly taken a big shift in his character.

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