6 Potential NJPW Best of Super Jr. Tournament Winners

2 weeks ago by Sonal Lad


4. Hiromu Takahashi

Credit: NJPW1972

It seems almost impossible not to have a list of possible BoSJ winners without including Hiromu Takahashi. After winning the tournament three times, including twice consecutively, the Ticking Time Bomb will be out to continue to make history. Each year, Hiromu has made his mark and this year will be no exception.

Despite the last few years being filled with injuries, Hiromu has continued to impress fans. In particular, his experience in Heavyweight tournaments has given the wrestler even more offense and skills to use in the BoSJ. Even though he’s not the champion, he’ll have a target on his back. A win over a former Jr champion and BoSJ winner would do so much for the newer wrestlers involved.

Although Hiromu has been seemingly out of the Jr championship scene, this is his perfect chance to get back to the top. Many people struggle in long and gruelling tournaments, but Hiromu thrives in these environments, despite his unpredictable style. With Hiromu dominating the Jr division for years, it is definitely hard to count him out for this year’s tournament.

3. Francesco Akira

Credit: NJPW1972

The newest member of The Empire quickly made his voice heard after revealing himself at the recent Hyper Battle show. Yet, the wrestler is far from a newbie to wrestling or even the Japanese wrestling scene. As a former AJPW Jr Champion, Akira is definitely someone ready to win the BoSJ on his first try.

The Empire has always lacked Jr talent and now it has all come at once, with a lot of experience. Akira is no exception and over the years, he has gained the attention of fans for his phenomenal wrestling style. He definitely won’t be out of place amongst the best in NJPW.

Not only will this be the first time fans see him wrestle in NJPW, but it may be the first time many have seen him wrestle. It will be interesting to see how he interacts with the rest of the wrestlers and how fans react. Whatever happens, he definitely won’t be nervous and will make sure to make an impact.


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