Every WWE Main Roster Babyface Turn Of 2018 So Far

4 years ago by Pete Quinnell

Every WWE Main Roster Babyface Turn Of 2018 So Far


Yesterday, our lovely friend James Dixon had a look at every WWE main roster heel turn that has occurred this year, (which you should read if you haven’t yet) and because I’m a petty so-and-so, I’m here to do one better.

Face turns can be somewhat more confusing and less accurate to pinpoint than heel turns, as more often than not, they’re slow burners without one singular trigger point, or in the case of WWE, they last such little time that they’re easy to forget.

But regardless, because we love you so much, we’re here to do the extra work for you. Let’s take a look back at every face turn that has happened on the WWE main roster in 2018.

Honorable mention: Sasha Banks

Similarly to her role on the heel turns list, the flip flop between heel and babyface throughout the year for Banks has warranted a solid spot on both. Whether any of these would actually be classed as face or heel turns is another question, but regardless, due to the sheer amount of potential turns there were, it’s an honorable mention.

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