5 Fascinating Elimination Chamber Facts

3 years ago by Daniel Schachtmeier

5 Fascinating Elimination Chamber Facts

On March 9 WWE once again opens up the belly of the beast when it is time for Elimination Chamber.

Since 2002, WWE wrestlers have entered this devilish structure in hopes to be immortalised by trying to survive with five other hungry competitors.

Over 18 years of the match being held, a few interesting stories have developed around it and today we are going to look into five of them.

5. There Was An ‘Extreme’ Elimination Chamber

16 tons of steel. The haunted structure of pain. No man stepping inside will ever be the same coming out.

That is how WWE has promoted the Chamber over the years. In 2006, however, this was not enough! WWE felt like the Chamber needed more.

Which meant everyone got weapons, thus creating the first and only ‘Extreme’ Elimination Chamber.

The match fell apart due to multiple replacements and backstage politics. When Heyman and McMahon couldn’t agree if Punk or Lashley should win the match and McMahon decided on Lashley, Heyman even left the company.

The match was unable to win fans over and the extreme version of the match never to be seen again.

4. 2018 Saw the First And Only Seven-Man Elimination Chamber

At the 2018 Elimination Chamber, we saw the first ever seven-man Chamber match.

Usually the format sees four wrestler enter the pods and the last two to enter will begin a singles match. After some time has passed, a wrestler will be released from a pod into the match, and this continues until all participants have entered.

Former Raw General Manager Kurt Angle held qualification matches to determine the six hopefuls, one of which would Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34 for the Universal Title.

For the final spot, a four-way between Bray Wyatt, Apollo Crews, Matt Hardy and Finn Bálor was announced. Seth Rollins was later added to make it a five-way.

When Bálor and Rollins both pinned Wyatt at the same time, Angle decided to have both men enter the Chamber – thus making it the first ever and only seven-man Elimination Chamber match.

3. Germany calls the show ‘No Escape’

When WWE decided to rename its annual ‘No Way Out’ pay-per-view in 2010, the show kept its name in Germany.

After ‘No Way Out’ returned in June 2012, WWE decided to give the Chamber show a new name in Germany: ‘No Escape’. A name that has been kept ever since.

But why the special treatment in Germany? WWE feared the ‘Elimination Chamber’ name could be linked to the holocaust.

Why WWE hasn’t just decided on a name that works globally, rather than spending money by marketing two different names for the same show, is anyone’s guess.

2. WWE Wanted To End The Chamber

Stephanie McMahon

Remember Fastlane? In 2015, suddenly the Chamber was replaced as the final stop before WrestleMania with the basic non-gimmick pay-per-view Fastlane.

Stephanie McMahon later explained that most new arenas are unable support the chamber setup.

The popular format then returned two years later with a new structure that today’s arenas would support.

1. Triple H Is The King Of The Chamber

In order to conquer the Elimination Chamber and enter WrestleMania, it takes incredible endurance and tons of will. Something that Triple H certainly has.

The ‘Cerebral Assassin’ has won four out of his six Elimination Chamber matches.

Nobody has won more matches inside the belly of the best. Only 2002 and 2010 saw Triple H suffer a defeat in the structure.

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