Top 10 Wrestling Pet Posts Of The Week (August 30, 2020)

Top 10 Wrestling Pet Posts Of The Week (August 30, 2020)

Wait WrestleTalk! This is normally a Top 5 list. Why have you suddenly changed it? Well reader, thank you for asking. This week, social media celebrated #nationaldogday, so the options for top pet posts were so numerous, we couldn’t limit it to five. So enjoy this special double edition of cuteness.

10. This is Real Bliss

While most people don’t smile while they sleep, we think this situation could change that. Here we see NXT’s Jessamyn Duke cuddling up with her puppy, Isys. Comfort is just a tail wag away.

9. “We Judging You”

What has caused Stan to be so upset here? Has his mom, NXT’s Mia Yim, just said the word “bath”? Or, has he just seen his dad, WWE’s Keith Lee, debut on Raw with the new gear and music? We will never know.

8. Brotherly Love

While some of the world took to social media to just share pictures of their canine best friends, New Japan’s Will Ospreay took the opportunity to speak about just how much his dogs mean to him.

“I can hand on heart say there is nothing on this world that makes me smile more than these 2 boys. My heart is so complete when you guys waddled into my life.”

3 years ago by Jena Llewellyn


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