5 WWE Stars To Join The Judgment Day

5 WWE Stars To Join The Judgment Day WWE

After WWE WrestleMania 40 it seemed as if everything was good in The Judgment Day clubhouse.

Not only had Rhea Ripley retained her WWE Women’s World Championship but Damian Priest had also finally successfully cashed in his Money in the Bank contract to become World Heavyweight Champion.

Despite always claiming so, The Judgment Day truly were running Monday Night Raw and they had the gold to prove it.

However, now just a short month later, Rhea Ripley is out injured and forced to forfeit her title while Priest is struggling to hold down the fort without her.

Tensions are high and cracks are forming, cracks that could soon lead to big changes within the groups ranks.

Whether some new additions come in and add some stability, or they replace existing members, here are five WWE stars who could soon join The Judgment Day.

5. Carlito

WWE stars Carlito and Damian Priest chatting backstage

Much like he tried to with Andrade, Dominik Mysterio is once again looking to bring in some outside help to The Judgment Day.

Unsurprisingly based on how last time went with Andrade, Priest was far from receptive to Carlito’s offer. However, I wouldn’t expect Dom to give up just yet.

With the LWO on Raw now, Judgment Day has some competition and given Carlito’s current situation with his ex-stablemates one would expect Priest to eventually cave and come to some kind of agreement to fight their common foe.

This could then perhaps lead to Carlito becoming a full fledged member of the crew, something that not many of us would have imagined ever seeing when he made his return to the company last year.

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3 weeks ago by Jamie Toolan


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