AEW Announces More Dynamite Relocations

3 years ago by Tempest

AEW Announces More Dynamite Relocations

As should have been expected, All Elite Wrestling has announced more AEW Dynamite relocations. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has caused the postponement or cancelation of hundreds of wrestling shows and Dynamite will continue to be among them.

The company announced the relocations of their upcoming Dynamite shows in Philadelphia, Houston, New Orleans, and Albuquerque. They mentioned all live broadcasts will be held from closed set locations. While not explicitly stated, that will likely mean continuing to film at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville.

Here are the tweets from All Elite Wrestling:

Last week’s episode of Dynamite was the first one filmed with no audience. They shot the episode from Daily’s Place and had small handfuls of wrestlers in seats to act as a crowd. The show drew very positive reviews as they managed to put on an exciting television show.

It will be interesting to see how long they can maintain this format. Ultimately, wrestling is done for the reactions of the crowd and continuing to do no-crowd shows could prove difficult. However, AEW has proven capable of adapting on the fly and they could end up doing a lot of that in the coming months.

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