AEW Star Likes Tweet Claiming CM Punk ‘Assaulted People’

4 weeks ago by Liam Winnard

AEW Star Likes Tweet Claiming CM Punk ‘Assaulted People’ AEW

An AEW star has liked a tweet claiming that CM Punk “assaulted people” in response to comments about Punk from another name in the company.

Quotes emerged today from Mark Henry, who’s still an interviewer on AEW Rampage, saying that if he was in charge of AEW he’d bring CM Punk back to the promotion.

Furthermore, Henry said he wouldn’t bring Punk back with an apology, but rather just an admittance that “grown men will disagree about things”.

As has been well publicized at this point, Punk had disagreements with the Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and Adam Page, which resulted in Punk’s verbal tirade during the post-All Out media scrum, followed by an alleged fight backstage with Punk, the Bucks and Omega involved.

Some AEW stars have come out as pro-Punk while others have come out as anti-Punk in the whole situation.

‘Jungle Boy’ Jack Perry liked one of the replies to Henry’s quote on Twitter, which said:

“Bro (Punk) assaulted people, not the same as a disagreement”.

Of course it’s still unclear exactly what happened during the alleged backstage fight and it’s been made clear that no-one involved has been able to talk about it.

Ace Steel, who was said to be on Punk’s side, was fired from AEW after the incident, while Punk, the Bucks and Omega were suspended.

The Bucks and Omega returned after a couple of months, while Punk has remained out of action due to an injury he suffered during his match at All Out before all the backstage stuff took place.

A few months back, Colten Gunn tweeted about Perry when Perry referenced the fact he was on the upcoming pay-per-view and the Gunns weren’t. Gunn wrote:

“I guess if we changed with the bucks and stayed up until 6 am with the boss we could get a spot too”

Dax Harwood of FTR also previously made comments on his podcast claiming that Perry wasn’t happy about FTR joining AEW because he thought they were going to try to change his style.

Punk has recently started to become a bit more of a presence on social media, jokingly referencing claims that people in AEW called him “cancerous”, as well as earlier today saying that he’ll wrestle again just to upset someone who didn’t want him to.

It’s still unclear whether Tony Khan will bring Punk back to AEW, but for any further updates, click this link.

There were previously reports that the parties were in talks over a potential buyout of his contract, with things reportedly getting caught up on negotiations of a non-compete clause which would imply a move to WWE at least being possible, but things have gone quiet on that front.

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