AEW Star Quits Promotion After Double Or Nothing Match Happens At UK Indie Show

AEW Star Quits Promotion After Double Or Nothing Match Happens At UK Indie Show

Fans going to the WrestleGate show in Nottingham today were certainly not expecting the shocking surprise that they received this evening. The show was fantastic, with the Bad Bones vs. Cara Noir match being a particular highlight.

However, that match has been overshadowed by the way the main event went down, with PAC and Hangman Page squaring off in an impromptu bout that was supposed to happen at Double or Nothing, AEW’s first official show.

The main event of the show was supposed to see a huge triple threat match between UK wrestling legend Jody Fleisch, Robbie X, and former WWE star PAC (Neville). However, the match never took place, with Jody having transport issues and Robbie X suffering an injury in a match earlier on in the night.

PAC came out and said no one on the roster, or in the wider wrestling world could hang with him. What happened next sent the sound into a frenzy, as AEW star Hangman Page came out to confront his Double or Nothing opponent, and the pair had their match seven days early in the UK.

Reports suggest the match was absolutely fantastic, going 15 minutes, with PAC hitting the ref with a low blow and handing Page the DQ win. As if that wasn’t enough, PAC decided to attack Hangman with a chair after the bout.

What happened after the match is what will get people talking, with PAC taking to the mic and saying as he has already injured and hurt Page, there was no need for him to go to Vegas on May 25th for Double or Nothing. He also said that he wasn’t even going to appear at AEW, and quit the promotion:

“I wanted to hurt ya, to maim ya, to torture ya. And look, look! My work is done. So you can tell all of your little elite buddies, I’m not coming to Vegas! I’m not coming to Double or Nothing! And I’m not coming to AEW!”

If this doesn’t prove to you that both AEW, and even WrestleGate are promotions that you cannot miss, then nothing will. A fantastic angle capped off a fantastic show.

You can see Luke and Laurie’s live reaction to PAC’s promo and Hangman’s appearance. WrestleTalk will provide more information on PAC’s situation if and when it becomes available.

5 years ago by Wrestle Talk


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