AEW Star Reveals What Tony Khan Said After Suffering An Injury On Non-AEW Show

AEW Star Reveals What Tony Khan Said After Suffering An Injury On Non-AEW Show AEW

An AEW star has revealed what Tony Khan said after he suffered an injury on a non-AEW show.

Matt Sydal signed with All Elite Wrestling in 2020 and has been on the roster since then.

However, Sydal has also appeared on the independent scene and recently suffered an injury on a non-AEW event.

In a new interview with, the AEW star revealed what Tony Khan had to say after he suffered the injury.

Sydal said:

“I’ll tell you what happened when Tony Khan found out what my injury was. He jumped up and hugged me because we didn’t need surgery.”

“I mean, he’s as supportive as you could be, as encouraging as you could be. I mean, it was a setback. Everybody felt like it was taking the air out of a balloon when that happened.”

Sydal continued on to discuss how this injury was different from his past ailments and allowed him to focus more on his return.

He said:

“I feel like I have injuries haunting me left and right. But this time, it just made me more focused on coming back, made me more angry and it just lit that fire on me because I don’t have all the time in the world. I don’t have a huge career in front of me.”

“I have 22 years behind me. But everything that’s left, every match that’s left, is going to be the best match of my life because I’m at my best right now and I’m putting out my best work.”

As previously reported, Matt Sydal also revealed that he left IMPACT Wrestling to wrestle The Young Bucks.

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