AEW Star Shoots On Dynamite Camera Work

2 years ago by Tempest

AEW Star Shoots On Dynamite Camera Work

One of the biggest points of contention in wrestling production nowadays is the camerawork and direction. This has been primarily pointed out in relation to WWE’s shows but other shows, such as AEW Dynamite are not excluded.

All Elite Wrestling star Jack Evans took to Twitter today to address the camerawork and direction from his match on AEW Dynamite. In short, he said wrestling needs to get rid of camera cuts in the middle of moves.

“Pro wrestling world, we need to talk about the jump cuts. They wrecked hollywood action movies, and need to be banished from wrestling STAT. No more camera switches in the middle of moves.”

This was in response to a gif of his Evans’ team hitting a series of moves on Christopher Daniels. In the five-second clip, there were four camera cuts.

It is unlikely that this comment will spark any real change within AEW but it does serve as a conversation starter for the industry as a whole. Many people have grown tired of WWE’s direction with constant cuts and zooms distracting from the action. AEW may not be quite on that level but it may be an idea to alter their approach so as to not irritate their viewers.

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