Alexa Bliss Discusses Worrying Fan Behaviour In Response To Viral Video

1 month ago by Connel Rumsey

Alexa Bliss Discusses Worrying Fan Behaviour In Response To Viral Video WWE

It was recently reported that WWE was looking into ways to improve safety and security for talent when they’re on the road travelling.

The reports came after Rhea Ripley was vocal about fans approaching her and following her at the airport to get items signed in order to sell online for a profit.

The discussion emerged again last night, when a clip of Kevin Owens signing items at the airport went viral, which prompted another response from a fan, showing the same thing happening to Alexa Bliss.

When one fan praised Alexa for taking her time to sign all the items, only for them to be sold online, Alexa responded, giving an insight into the lives of a WWE star.

She wrote:

We’re used to it unfortunately – & these people really Think we don’t know they sell it & get super offended if we say “no thank you.” Ohhh the stories I could tell about being followed.

When a fan responded to Alexa with some advice, saying she should tell the fans she’ll only sign one item per person, she posted a rather worrying response.

She wrote:

I’ve tried that one – they get back in line like i wouldn’t remember them hahah … or they just keep following until you sign the rest

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