Becky Lynch Admits She Prefers Being A Heel

2 years ago by Andy Datson

Becky Lynch Admits She Prefers Being A Heel

Despite what her crowd reactions might suggest, Becky Lynch is actually a heel, and not the huge babyface she was before she took time away to give birth to her first child.

Despite becoming a megastar with her babyface gimmick, Lynch has admitted she actually prefers wrestling as a heel. Speaking to the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, Becky said:

“I really like wrestling as a heel. I can do that really well because I’ll bump around like a crazy person and I’m not scared to look like an idiot. When it comes to my promo process, a lot of the time, being a babyface is better because I know what I feel strongly about and ‘this is the truth and what I feel is right.’ When you’re a heel, you also have to tell the truth, but in a different way. Everyone is the hero of their own story. It’s all just a process and I’m enjoying the ride and figuring out the new role and trying to be great at it.”

Despite WWE desperately trying to make her a heel, Lynch is still cheered by the majority of the crowd, and has definitely played the babyface in her feud with Charlotte Flair, which culminates this Sunday at Survivor Series.

Credit to Fightful for the transcription.

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